This OC was submitted to me in person by Chris C. Chris is a friend of mine and we used to work together before he moved. He mentioned having the idea for an OC but not having any artwork, so I offered to take up the task of drawing Bessie. Considering I do not ever draw, I think I did an okay job. It took a lot of work but it was lots of fun bringing life to the character.

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I decided to go for an anthro style to the character since she was described as being human-like. I could see Bessie being an Equestria Girl. She is a cow and not a horse, and there are other cows in the show, but none in the EG movies yet. I did a milk pun on her shirt because she is a cow.


That is the finished drawing of Bessie. She likes metal music and has a punk style. She can often drown things out with music and might block the world out through songs. Although she appears tough and might seem intimidating or scary, she is soft on the inside. For those who get to know her, Bessie is laid back and nice.

She likes the color pink. It ties her into her feminine nature but since she is not a girly girl, Bessie balances it out with black. She likes to get piercings and has her ears gauged since it makes her look cool. Bessie cares a lot about appearances, but is not vain or conceited.

I like that Chris based the design of Bessie off of himself. The hairstyle and piercings are similar to his own and he likes cross-dressing sometimes. Bessie is a great outlet for him to express his feminine traits. I hope my artwork can be used for others to have an idea of what Bessie looks like so that Chris can get some really nice drawings of his OC.


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  1. Update: Chris loves the drawing I did of his OC! YAY!


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