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Magical Twilight Sparkle Manicure

So I finally decided to paint my nails again. Rather than making an obvious MLP theme, I decided to do a more subtle manicure this time. I based this manicure on Twilight’s color scheme and her magical abilities. I raided all of my nail polish for as many different Twilight-like colors and got to work! …

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DIY MLP Manicure

I was feeling creative, and it had been a while since I had last painted my nails. The pale purple coat from two weeks prior was chipped almost off, so I decided to remove what was left and start over. Rather than a uniform color on all of my nails, I figured I would give …

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Rainbow Dash Crayon Art

Hey, everypony! I was home over break and my mom had the idea to do a craft with me. I made a project over the weekend and just wanted to share and give a tutorial so you can make it yourself. I am sure many of you have seen or heard of melted crayon art …

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