Bronies Being Bullied

This is a sad topic, but one that I feel the need to discuss. I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and one of the pages I follow posted an image of Michael Morones, a young boy who attempted suicide. The reason he felt the need to do this was because of constant bullying and namecalling from his peers. People called him gay and he just got so tired of it that he saw suicide as the only solution. Thankfully he did not succeed, but he was left in a vegetative state afterwards. It seems he is doing at better now, and many from the community donated money to pay for his medical bills.

Although the page was not one of the MLP pages I follow, I did see plenty of support for the child. However, it seems as though the support for bronies often only comes after things like this happen. And even still, the comments were full of things saying that ponies and dolls are for girls, and that children need to toughen up. Perhaps rather than teaching children to “be tough” we should teach them not to bully others to the point where suicide seems better than dealing with the bullying. Michael dealt with continuous torment from other children, simply because of something he enjoyed.

Let people enjoy thing.JPG

From a comic by Adam Ellis

Sadly, Michael is not alone. Many other bronies deal with bullying or have attempted/ thought about suicide as a result.

19-year-old Adam Smith was bullied over a piece of MLP Fanfiction he wrote. This lead him to commit suicide. The nasty comments he received were been from some heartless trolls. The show teaches kindness, love, tolerance, and acceptance. Had the bullies watched and learned from the show, this tragedy would have never occurred. Although when something like this happens, people show sympathy and kindness, there are far too many people who continue to bully bronies. It is not until something horrible happens that the bullying is addressed as an issue.

Adam Smith.jpg

Adam Smith

I have seen similar pages to the one today (maybe even the same page) post images that make fun of bronies. The comments are always filled with disgusting things about bronies needing to kill themselves to cleanse society. People say that bronies are pedophiles or into pony porn or autistic (I absolutely hate the use of autism as an insult). I am not sure if these people are uninformed or simply ignorant, as even when I explain what a brony is, they continue to restate their false beliefs.

In admitting to being a brony, I often get many online comments saying horrible things. They hurt and are sometimes so horrible I will not even go into the details. That stuff definitely takes a toll on my mental and emotional well-being. And it is not only online that myself and other bronies are made fun of. At my school, I was once mocked for having my hair wrapped in an MLP towel after my shower. I refused to let them get to me and continue to love the show and franchise.

Thankfully, many of the people I encounter embrace my bronyism, or at least accept it. In high school, when I first came out as a brony, people thought it was a little weird, but after explaining it to them in a presentation, they became interested and accepted the fact that I enjoyed watching colorful horses on TV. A few of my coworkers watch the show and even give me pony stuff sometimes. My family is also cool with it and get me merch for my birthday and Christmas.

Birthday Gift.jpg

Birthday Gift from Mom and Dad

I know I am probably preaching to the choir in saying this, but don’t be a jerk. Do not treat someone poorly because of what they like. And if you are bullied, stay strong. There are lots of great brony websites where you can chat with others about what you are going through. The show teaches a lot of great lessons and is fun to watch, so don’t feel bad for doing so. Stay awesome and stay bronies!


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