My Birthday Presents

My birthday was on Monday, and my family got me some MLP presents. The figures were from my sister, and my mom and dad got me the tattoos and well as some money to pick out some figures for myself. (I have so many they don’t know which ones to get me anymore lol!)


I love that the 2 figures are fall related which is perfect for this time of year. But of course, I will keep them displayed year round, because I am proud of my pony collection and like to put it out.


I tried out one of my tattoos. I applied this one to my forearm 2 days ago, and it still looks pretty good today. This is after a few showers, washing dishes, sleeping, working out. Yet it is still very clear. Considering there is 25 in a pack, and each tattoo seems to have a long life (I can probably get 2 more days with this), these should last me a while. That is, assuming I don’t decide to give myself 10 tattoos in one day. 😛


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