Why the Hate?

“I really try not to be judgmental, but girls walking around campus with anime cat ears and guys wearing My Little Pony t-shirts truly test me.” –One of my Facebook friends

Well, it is back to school season for many colleges. Even though I have only been here a week so far, I’ve already worn 2 different MLP shirts. (I got a compliment on my first one, and the second one I only wore for an hour in lab).

I have nothing wrong with people wearing what they want and expressing themselves, and I admit that I am actually kind of judgmental. If this guy is really trying, and he is uncomfortable with people wearing MLP shirts, he clearly needs to try a lot harder. Also, there is nothing wrong with wearing anime cat ears.

It’s sad to see that bronies are being judged and picked on simply because they like a certain show. There is such a huge stigma around it, and status updates like the one here do not help eradicate the stigma. Bronies are not freaks. There is nothing wrong with wearing a shirt with a pony on it.

I have gotten picked on by a few guys (with such fragile masculinities that someone else’s fashion damages their manly pride) for wearing an MLP shirt. But I have also had big, manly football players and skateboarders tell me they like my MLP shirts. People need to mind their own business and accept the fact that other people have the right to wear what they want without criticism.

I’ll continue to walk around in My Little Pony t-shirts, and I might even don some anime cat ears at the same time. I’m not going to let stupid remarks keep me from enjoying my life. Yes, it makes me angry that some people are so ignorant, but there is nothing I can really do to change others, so I just need to focus on myself and keep on doing me.


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  1. I’d like to see them make fun at the MILITARY Bronies… XD

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