More Kawaii Pony Outfits

Since my last post seemed to be a big hit, I decided to do a follow up. I made a few more kawaii-style outfits based on MLP characters. My last batch was the Mane 6, but this time I did the CMC and Derpy.



Muffins are cute, bubbles are cute, and Derpy is ultra cute. I combined all of them for this outfit. I could totally see Derpy as a cute human girl blowing bubbles with her gum, making and eating yummy muffins, and waving her bubble wand through the air one day, all while wearing a playful Totoro dress.


Apple Bloom

I had to use bows in this. I struggled with Applejack’s outfit because country kawaii is tricky. Basing the entire outfit off of Apple Bloom’s bow is a bit of a stretch and gives a highly girly end result. Girly isn’t bad, but Apple Bloom seems more of a country tomboy. Wearing a dress to do farm work might be sweet, but it sure isn’t practical!



Scootaloo seems like the cat kind of cute so I expressed that in the accessories. A pusheen pin and identical keychain show a kawaii character sharing her favorite hobby. The outfit was slightly inspired by Honoka’s workout gear in Love Live!


Sweetie Belle

Pink, purple, and white are all adorable colors. Sweetie Belle had the perfect color scheme for the theme. I chose some girly pieces in those colors. Since she likes music, I added the pink microphone and fuzzy headphones.

I am out of ideas for more kawaii sets and it might be a while before  I start a new MLP theme. You can follow my Polyvore account to be the first to see whatever new ideas I get. Inspiration can’t be forced, but I do plan on making some more pony-inspired fashion sets eventually. Probably during finals week or the night before a major paper is due.


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  1. Polyvore is LIFE. XD


    I make a LOT of MLP sets. :3


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