I am somewhat into fashion, and absolutely into wasting time on the internet, so I use Polyvore. The site has a database of clothing, accessories, decor, and all sorts of other things. A lot of people use it for serious fashion blogging, but I got into it because I heard of people using it for fandom things.

I started following a few of the MLP-inspired fashion bloggers, but not long after, I started making my own MLP fashion sets. My first few sets were weak, and even after going back to edit them, they are not very good. The more recent outfits are pretty good. I’ve branched out a bit and do some Disney stuff too. I have nearly 900,000 views since I started, and even without updating much, I get around 500-1000 hits a day. I wish this blog was that popular!

I finally got around to adding some more sets to my account. I stuck to the Mane Six today but I have sets for nearly every character until season 5. (By the time season 5 was released, they had made it more difficult to import images into the database, so I could not get the ones I wanted for my sets.) I did some kawaii themed outfits. I have done winter, beach, and back to school themes in the past.


Twilight Sparkle


Pinkie Pie

The Twilight outfit wasn’t too hard since has pink and purple in her color scheme. Those kind of colors make kawaii outfits so much easier. 10/10 Kawaii nerd. Pinkie was easy for the same reason. Parties and pink and sweets are totally kawaii, and perfect for her outfit.





Rarity and Applejack were difficult. Since Rarity is so sophisticated, making a cute outfit was really hard. The items in the database were also limited, so I gave her pants, even though the girly fashionista would probably wear a skirt or dress. Making country kawaii was also a struggle, but I think I did alright with the AJ set.



I had a blast with this one. Fluttershy screams “kawaii”. Pastel pink, yellow, and blue in her color scheme are perfect colors for an adorable outfit. Her shy, sweet nature is absolutely precious. And what better way to incorporate her love and affinity for animals than with an assortment of plushies?! Of course, a white bunny to represent angel. The animal symbolism is also carried out in several pieces of the outfit too. So cute it hurts!


Rainbow Dash

Fun but tricky. I tried to think of a sports anime when I did this. I also imagined what the characters in Love Live! (my current anime binge) would wear to practice. Sporty yet girly. Athletic yet rainbow. I was unsure about this but I think it turned out okay after all.

What do you think of these outfits? Feel free to share in the comment section. And if you are inspired to make some MLP outfit sets, I would love to see them!


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