Friendship is Magic

My summer job was hard. I got things thrown at me by rude customers, worked 10 hour days, and was constantly taking care of something. I did get to work with some truly amazing people this summer though, and they were the best part of going to work every day.

I became good friends with 2 of my coworkers. They’re sisters, Kayla and Kelsey. Kayla and I hung out at her house. She has always been into anime, but her sister and I have tried to get her into MLP. She knows a few characters and finally said she will start watching the show! We have successfully converted her.


On the flip side, Kayla got me addicted to a few of her favorite animes. When we get together next time (hopefully over winter break) we will have many episodes of MLP and various animes to discuss. If she is anything like Kelsey, she is going to become a huge fan of the adorable pony show.

Kelsey, as I mentioned in an earlier post, gave me a Princess Cadence figure because she knew that she was one of my favorites. Over the course of the summer, she has given me so many lovely MLP things. Generous friends like that are a true Rarity.


love this figure!

In addition to the blind bag figure, she got me some MLP tissues. I am constantly sneezing at work and have to either go to the bathroom for toilet paper or use a napkin. Tissues are the perfect gift for me, and the MLP ones make sneezing so much cuter. She told me she found them while at the dollar store with her mom. MLP things are great, especially when they don’t empty the bank.


She gave me a Pinkie Pie Popsicle, too. Since the Popsicle was made with whey, she couldn’t eat it, but wanted to be sure I got to. It was delicious.

Kelsey also gave me a Fluttershy figure. In addition to Princess Cadence, Fluttershy is a favorite of mine. I have a Starlight Glimmer with a headband, and I am excited to have a Fluttershy too. Due to budget restraints, I can only usually buy one pony in a collection, so having Flutters too made me so happy.


In addition to all of the other gifts, I received a bracelet from her. It has the Mane 6 on the outside and says “Friendship is magic” on the inside. On my last day working there, she said she was happy that she and Kayla were able to make such a great friend with me. We are all hoping to get together on winter break since we live close together when not at college. From getting to know my coworkers and share MLP with them, I was able to truly experience the magic of friendship. Having friends like them definitely makes a hard work day a little easier.


I wore my bracelet with my Pokémon shirt today. It made for a super cute outfit 😀



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