28 Pranks Later

SPOILER ALERT! Those of you who have not seen the show, be warned. This review is going to contain spoilers about the episode. If you have not seen it yet, watch it right now and read my review in 20 minutes, or prepare to have some of the critical plot mentioned before you view it. I am assuming many of you are bronies, or fans of the show, and you are reading this review for an interesting insight on an episode you have seen countless times already (as have I), in which case, continue reading, and enjoy!

The episode title is a reference to 28 Days/Weeks Later. Although I have never seen either of those movies, I have heard of them. I think they are something about a zombie plague, but am too tired and uninterested to do even a simple Google search. (I got a picture for the blog, but did not want to put in any additional effort into finding what it is about.)

28 days later

Anyway, “28 Pranks Later” starts with Rainbow Dash pranking Fluttershy. Rainbow Dash knows Fluttershy is easily scared, yet pranks her anyway. RD isn’t even satisfied with the prank because Fluttershy is scared of everything. I am seriously mad at RD for making Fluttershy cry. It is NOT okay to make the most innocent pony cry! Ever since season one, it was declared that Fluttershy was off limits due to her sensitivity. Pinkie and RD refused to prank her back then. I have no clue why RD would go back on something just for a weak prank. Has Gilda’s nastiness rubbed off onto her?

Because of RD’s sh*tty behavior, a meeting is called. Twilight calls RD’s prank lazy and says a prank is only good if all parties find it funny. When Twilight goes to take a seat, she sets off a Whoopee Cushion that RD put there. This could be funny, but under different circumstances. Out of all the Mane Six, RD and Pinkie were the only two who think the prank had any merit. Rarity says the prank lacked effort, so RD vows to put effort into her future pranks.

Pranking Meeting.png

Rainbow Dash goes off to make a cake Sewing Machine for Rarity. This prank is decent, honestly, and if someone made a cake laptop or cookie phone or something, I would be happy (as long as I could locate the original). I am always a fan of free baked goods, but apparently, Rarity is not. At least her sister, Sweetie Belle, has good taste.

In order to avoid being the victim of RD’s next prank, Applejack surrounds her bedroom with loud items and traps. Somehow, RD manages to get AJ’s bed out of the room and into the pigpen. AJ wakes up next to a pig and RD cackles about what a clever prank it was. It was pretty clever, and I would love to know how it could be possible to pull such a prank off. However, it is pretty clear that AJ does not appreciate the prank.

Applejack and pig.png

RD pranks nearly all of Ponyville, but nopony appreciates her tricks. Ponyville’s residents talk to Pinkie about the pranks. Since Pinkie is a bit of a prankster herself, they ask her to make RD quit pranking. It seems that since the episode with Gilda, people have gotten more serious and grumpy. None of them enjoy pranks anymore, even though they used to.

When Pinkie goes to confront RD, she learns of the latest plan to prank all of Ponyville at once. RD plans to replace all of the normal cookies with joke cookies. When ponies buy the Cutie Mark Crusaders’ cookies, their mouths will turn rainbow colors when they eat them.

Rainbow Mouth.png

Pinkie tells RD the prank isn’t very funny and it is a good time to stop pranking. However, RD continues to follow through with the prank. She has to switch the cookies out for joke cookies without Pinkie’s help. When she goes to talk to Pinkie about it, RD finds her friend sick in bed. Pinkie is less pink than normal. Although RD wants Pinkie to see the prank in effect, Pinkie is stuck in bed, needing more cookies to even have the strength to stand up.

When the CMC sell their cookies, everypony buys some. The town is quiet, but RD is excited and expectantly waits for everypony to realize they’ve been pranked. RD looks around, hoping ponies discover their joke cookie mouths. The whole town seems to be deserted (pun intended). This is when she begins to question that there might be something wrong with the joke cookies.

When she finally runs into a pony, things are not right. It seems the cookies turned the ponies into cookie-obsessed zombies. The ponies who ate the cookies were zombified, but the few who didn’t were totally normal.

Cookie Monster.png

A whole new meaning to “Cookie Monster”

Now, if I was RD, I would be feeling like a major asshole. It would be my fault that my friend Pinkie was sick, and I turned the entire town into zombies. When RD goes to Twilight with her problem, she finds that Twilight and Spike are zombies as well. Only the few who were with the CMC while selling the cookies were not infected.

To avoid the pony horde, RD, AJ, Rarity, and the crusaders hide. In the boarded up shelter, RD explains they need to run and hide because of something in the cookies. AJ points out that the cookie recipe has not changed in years, and RS is forced to admit she swapped the cookies for joke ones. Although she warns the others not to eat any, it is too late.

Rarity Zombie.png

Even though the episode was creepy enough, it just got even worse. I can’t believe this is a kids’ show! Or at least, that people say this is a kids’ show. My mom and I watched this episode together, and we were both enjoying the whole thing. I found it rather dark, and the zombie topic seemed a bit much to include in a cartoon pony show, but it was darn good nonetheless.

Zombie AJ lets the rest of the cookie zombies into the barn, and everyzombie corners RD. She tries to keep them away from the cookies. It was supposed to be a funny prank, but it ends up being something totally un-funny. Pinkie agrees, and the whole crowd of zombies wipe the rainbow colors off their mouths. They gave RD a taste of her own medicine and it was only a prank on their end. All a prank.png

She tells the group they can’t go around doing things like that, since she did not have a good time, which is exactly how Fluttershy felt. RD says she will have to top her pranks, and then says “gotcha”! Everypony laughs at that one for some reason, but at least RD learned her lesson. I hope. Because it was a lesson that I thought was covered five seasons ago.

I really hated the backwards character development. Because of that, and the darker tone, this episode didn’t feel like an episode of MLP, except maybe at the end. Even then, the “lesson” was revenge and comeback (as well as something we already had an episode about). I enjoyed how scary it was, and was really thrown off by the plot twist at the end. My mom, on the other hand, knew it was a prank the whole time, and because of this, might not have enjoyed the episode as much as I did. Though it didn’t seem to fit into the series, as a standalone, “28 Pranks Later” was alright.


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