Magical Twilight Sparkle Manicure

So I finally decided to paint my nails again. Rather than making an obvious MLP theme, I decided to do a more subtle manicure this time. I based this manicure on Twilight’s color scheme and her magical abilities. I raided all of my nail polish for as many different Twilight-like colors and got to work! The pictures below show close ups of each nail right after they were done. I washed around my nails in cold water to get the excess polish off of my skin.

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I primarily used shades of purple, since that is Twilight’s overall color. I also used pink and blue, since those are part of her color scheme as well. I added a lot of glittery/sparkly coats on top, to represent her magic and her name. Not all of the nails have a sparkly coat on them. Some colors were full of glitter and did not need any extra shine, and I also chose to leave some plain.


From left to right: Sally Hansen, Hard as Nails (Rock Bottom); Wet n Wild, Wild Shine (Sparked); Revlon (Grape Icy); Sally Hansen, Insta-Dri (Lively Lilac); Covergirl; Outlast Stay Brilliant Glosstinis (Pyro Pink); Pure Ice (Forget Me Not); Nail art kit pen

For every nail, I used one of the following colors as a base coat. Sometimes I needed multiple layers of the base to make the color show up strong. Some colors are only used on one nail, whereas others were put on multiple. To mix it up and give a fun look, I did not put two of the same colors on adjacent nails. Last time I used Pure Ice (Forget Me Not), I got some white polish on the brush. Since I did not brush it off prior to using it on my nail, it gave me a pale color similar to Sally Hansen, Insta-Dri (Lively Lilac). I put glitter over it to help emphasize the distinctness of each nail.


From left to right: Sally Hansen, Insta-Dri (Clearly Quick); Nail art kit pen; Pure Ice (Dazzle Me); Nail art kit large glitter; Sally Hansen, Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear (Confetti Punch)

Though not every base color got a sparkly top coat, each nail did get a finishing top coat of clear. I did not want to use a sparkly top coat over any of the really glittery colors because it would have been overdoing it. The clear coat over all ten nails gave them a shiny finish and will help the polish from wearing off. My job involves a lot of hand work and I wash them frequently, so I am hoping the clear coat will keep my manicure intact at least until tomorrow night. If the polish does get a chip or two, I will just touch it up with more polish to keep my nails looking great!

This was a super easy to do, and took much less time than my original MLP manicure did. They are also more versatile and grown up. Someone who is shy about being in their fandom or who could not have such an eccentric manicure could do something simple like this instead. The simple color scheme should allow these to blend in with many normal outfits. If I do more like this in the future (perhaps shades of pink and bright yellow/blue polka dots for Pinkie?) they should match my clothes. Sadly, nothing looks good with my work uniform. On the other hand, these would be great to go with a cosplay.

This subtle MLP inspiration reminds me of the outfits I made on my Polyvore page. A lot of my sets on there are based on MLP characters, but to someone who did not know that they were, the MLP references would go unnoticed. Even a fan of the show might not pick up on something like that if they were out in public. It still allows the wearer to express their brony pride, though!


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