Happy Birthday, Andrea Libman!

Okay so, this might be a little bit late, but I want to sincerely say Happy Birthday to Andrea Libman, the voice of Pinky Pie and Fluttershy!!! Now as you know, Fluttershy is obviously my favorite. But I do find it impressive how she is able to handle two dramatically different characters with ease. On one hand you have quiet, adorable and low key Fluttershy, then you have Pinkie Pie who is on the total other end of the spectrum in every imaginable way. As the actress herself put it, “Pinkie Pie is so loud”.

Her presence and ability to handle these two different characters and make them work together as a part of the Mane 6 really bring the show together. These two extreme characters bring so much character and cadance to the show that would otherwise be missing, and its all thanks to Andrea Libman. So yes, although I am a couple days late for a proper happy birthday post, its never too late to appreciate a wonderful voice actor for the work she does in bringing some of our favorite characters alive.


Pinkie and Fluttershy by JuGeer

Image credit: http://jugeer.deviantart.com/



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