Playing Ponies

Normally I keep my ponies on the shelf for display. My cousin came over today and wanted to play with them. When I woke up, she immediately told me she wanted to play with my collection. I didn’t want to take them off the shelves for her, but I knew I had to be a good person. I winced. She wanted to play with my special set of power ponies.

I let her. Thankfully she didn’t destroy them. She decided after a few minutes to play with other ones. We raided most of my brushables from their places.

She wanted to do a concert. I had some of the Rainbow Rocks doll instruments and she gave them to ponies. She then said she wanted to do their hair for the show. I died on the inside.
My ponies always had smooth and luscious manes and tails. After they endured braids and buns, everypony was a tangled mess. After she left, I did what I could to reverse the damage and frizzy manes. Unfortunately, many of the ponies are left looking like they were played with.

Of course, I am sure ponies like big played with and being loved. But there is a difference between playing and destroying; it is possible to play with ponies without messing up their manes.

I guess it was worth it to make my cousin happy. I collect ponies and value them, but they are just items. My family should come first. The show taught me that much. However, I did feel a bit like a pushover. I could have probably drawn on some lessons from Fluttershy in being assertive and putting my foot down. I’ll have to draw the line if the situation ever occurs again. Playing with my ponies is okay. Doing their hair is not.

I put them back as they are. I may try to fix the manes with the fabric softener trick if I ever get around to it, but for now it is just a mild annoyance that I must live with. At least my cousin had fun playing.

Just a few low quality phone pics of our pony fun time.


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