Pinkie Pie Pop!

One of my coworkers brought me one of these while I was working. I work with the sweetest people, I swear. The popsicle is made by Hershey’s Ice Cream.

Mine melted a little in the car on my way home. The stick slid out since it was soft. Still, I can clearly see it is Pinkie Pie. I ate a little before the picture was taken, because I was hungry after a long day.

The popsicle looks something like that when not melted, but I think my version had a better shaped pony.

As the packaging says, the popsicle is cotton candy flavored. The taste was accurate and was just like sweet cotton candy. I love Perry’s cotton candy ice cream, but Hershey’s brand tasted the same. Very delicious. 

Cotton candy is absolutely the perfect flavor for Pinkie Pie. And even Pinkie herself would agree with that one! 



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