Coloratura Brushable Review

Here she is. I had been wanting a Colouratura (Rara) brushable ever since I heard they existed. Just look at how cute she is! Who wouldn’t want this cutie in their collection. I loved the way she was portrayed, and her design is adorable. The brushable doesn’t look exactly like the show version, but they are similar. The hair color is a little bit off, but other than that, it is on point. The hair matches great with the rest of her color scheme, so the slightly lighter shade is not a problem to me.

I found it interesting that there was no “collect them all” sheet under these ones. Other releases had sheets under the ponies instead of clear space. I never really kept them, but it was kind of sad that the newest brushables do not have them.

This is what Rara looks like from the side. I included her hairbrush in this picture. Her mane was kept together in a piece of plastic (it took a bit of work to get off) and the tail was in the rubberband shown above. I like the rubberbands because it allows the hair to stay in place while still looking good. It is also super soft and silky. I wish I had hair like that!

Like most merchandise, the cutie mark is only on one side. There is also a mark on her hoof which allows her to be unlocked as a virtual character in the MLP mobile game. Although being able to unlock her in the game is a nice touch, I wish the code was on a separate piece of paper instead of the actual pony. I think the “collect them all” sheets should be personalized with the pony’s code mark and put back into the packaging. At least it is a cute heart and not some obnoxious barcode or something.

Here is a front view. Although her entire body is pearlized and inlaid with glitter, it is hard to tell from my low quality phone pictures. If you look carefully, you can see some glitter in the hoof on the right. You can also sort of see the shimmery pearlized look that she has. It works well for her. If she was not a talented singer, I am sure Rara could make it as a model.

This is a great toy and an even better collector item. Since I was not able to find it in stores or on store websites, I bought it directly from Hasbro. Rara was out of stock for a few weeks and I had to wait for her to be available on the Hasbro website as well. On eBay, this Rara brushable runs from 7-17 dollars (on average). Most people would not pay this much for a simple and small toy, but if they want to, her hair would be great for styling. For collecting, it is a unique addition. There have been no other Coloratura figures released yet. I hope they make a few more, because I adore her.


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