Behold! Ponies & Human Ponies!

I am so tired, but happy to have new merch, so I need to post pictures! I got a huge box of new stuff and am super excited. I normally only collect actual ponies, but there was a sale on Equestria Girls dolls so I ordered a few of those as well. I tried to get some of the more “rare” characters that may not be released in every line of toys to add some diversity to my collection. Much love for the Mane Six, but I already have 3 Rainbow Dash brushable ponies, and an Equestria Girls doll, so I figured I would branch out a bit and get some less common ponies.

Amethyst Star.jpg

Amethyst Star

I showed Amethyst to my mom and she thought the doll was Twilight Sparkle. My mom is not familiar with these uncommon ones, though she does know all of the Mane Six by name and can certainly identify them in their pony forms.



I am super excited about this one. I love her design as a pony, and though I do not like her quite as much in Equestria Girls form, she is still adorable. My mom thought this was the Equestria Girl of Pinkie Pie. I then had to intervene and explain these were not the Mane Six under different human names.


Sweetie Drops (Bon Bon)

I have a Funko figure and a brushable pony of Sweetie Drops, but I still consider her to be pretty rare. Though she is a background pony, she is one of the more popular ones, and I am sure she sells well with the fans when toys of her are made.


Lyra Heartstrings

Another fan favorite, and often shipped with Sweetie Drops, is the adorable Lyra. My mom thought she was pretty cute. I have a brushable and blind bag version of Lyra, but I am super excited to add an Equestria Girls doll to my collection as well. And of course, to make shippers happy, I had to get her since I was getting Sweetie Drops.



I am super excited about Blossomforth as well. I have been practically drooling over the original one for ages. If you have an original 2011 Blossomforth you would like to donate to the blog, please let me know. Although she’s a newer edition, she is still super special. This is only the second non-blindbag release of the pony. And she is so cute!


Sunset Shimmer

I had to get the pony version of an Equestria Girls character (although I still do not have an EG Sunset Shimmer yet) for my collection. She is more of a main character than the others, but I figured I should get her for that reason. I only have one other piece of Sunset Shimmer merch: a masquerade brushable. The two are similar, but this one has the cutie mark all over the leg, on the eye, and on a necklace charm.

Starlight and Coloratura.jpg

Coloratura and Starlight Glimmer

These two are both pearlized Explore Equestria brushables. I know I recently bought and reviewed Starlight, but since she is becoming a more prominent character, I thought I should get this version as well.

I am also pleased to have Coloratura, or as I like to call her, Rara. After searching for her for ages and waiting to find her for a reasonable price, I can finally add her to the family. I loved her performance in “The Mane Attraction” and her voice was so beautiful. Her design is lovely as well, especially in the show. You can see the show’s depiction of her on the toy packaging. I just about sold my soul to get her, but it was worth it. I think I was drooling over her even more than the original Blossomforth! I almost don’t want to take her out of the packaging for display. So far, she is the only Rara figure released, though I hope Hasbro makes another version soon.



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