New Ponies!

I am away from my house for the weekend (well, my weekend, since my work schedule this past week was Friday til Tuesday). But I have been informed that I got a large box from Hasbro and that can only mean one thing: Transformers! Okay, no, it means ponies.

I’ve limited myself to a 50 dollar pony budget for the month. I spent my entire budget on the Hasbro website. There are a lot of choices there and some good sales on Equestria Girls dolls. I ended up buying four of those as well as a bunch of actual ponies.

The excitement of adding to my collection is so extreme. Ponies energize me and I just love them so much.

My mom says I have an addiction, but then I pointed out she spends more money on clothes and wine and her rock collection than I do on my ponies, so it all evens out. Everyone has hobbies and things they like to spend money on. And ponies are a lot better for me than alcohol. It is good I set a spending limit though, because I do like collecting MLP stuff a lot and my spending needs to be kept in check, especially as I am trying to pay college tuition.

I’m super excited to get home and open the box that waits for me in my room. I got a few of the brushables that I’d been dying for ever since I got word of their existence. Expect a bunch of merchandise reviews and pictures when I get back home!


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