DIY MLP Manicure

I was feeling creative, and it had been a while since I had last painted my nails. The pale purple coat from two weeks prior was chipped almost off, so I decided to remove what was left and start over. Rather than a uniform color on all of my nails, I figured I would give nail art a go. Back in high school, I used to paint my nails with cute designs every few days. Below are the results of my most recent attempt. Although I doubt I will be getting my cutie mark in hooficures any time soon, I did get a few compliments on my handiwork today. Although mine are just for casual and daily wear, an MLP manicure would also be a great touch to a pony cosplay or to wear to a MLP-themed party or convention.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The slideshow goes in order from my left-most finger to my right-most. I started with Applejack on my left pinky, then did Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy. My right hand showcases Twilight, Celestia, Cadance, Luna, and Derpy. However, I am totally scatterbrained, and painted my fingers in a totally random order I began with Fluttershy on my left thumb, then went to my left middle finger. Then my right thumb. But hey, that doesn’t actually make a difference.

I would recommend doing this on fake nails and then applying them (not only does this give a larger work area, but it also allows you to use your dominant hand for the entire process. This can also be done to someone else’s hands.

If you want to give yourself an MLP manicure, and are more patient than I am, you can actually paint the designs on parchment or wax paper and leave it over night to dry. They can then be peeled off with tweezers and applied to a polished nail. In order to keep the design sealed on, go over it with a clear coat. I wanted to finish my manicure on my day off, so I just painted the nails directly, and it looked decent, but this method will result in perfect designs.

The few items needed for this project are relatively cheap and easy to get.

  • Nails (either fake or real)
  • Nail polish in the colors of the pony/cutie marks you want to use
  • Clear coat nail polish
  • Toothpicks
  • Nail polish pens
  • Parchment or wax paper (Optional)
  • Tweezers (Optional)

So, to begin, do a base coat in the pony’s color. You can do a manicure of one pony, a few, or a different pony for each finger! Remember, you may need a few layers of the base coat for full coverage.


This is the base of my Fluttershy nail after three coats of yellow polish.

Make sure it dries before you add more polish. Once the base is finished, you can do the design. I found that the nail polish pens gave the best results, but I did not have those in all colors, so I used a toothpick dipped in polish for some of the cutie marks as well.

For the orange I used on my AJ nail, I mixed a few drops of yellow polish with a drop of red using a toothpick on a sheet of paper, and painted that one with the brush from the yellow. I was not worried about color contamination since it was a small amount and I wiped the excess off, but if you are worried, you can use a spare brush if color mixing is required.


Although my set was different colors, these were what I used; they have a brush and a fine tip for each color, which is super useful.

When my designs were finished and dry, I applied a clear coat to keep the polish nice. I did not want my manicure to chip or wear off the next day. It did smear some of the colors a bit, and I especially noticed it with the blue. I either was not going fast enough or had not given the polish enough time to dry. Below is a picture of my Rarity nail before I applied the top coat. You can see that the lines look neater and unsmudged.


I know I also got a lot of polish on the skin around the nail. If this happens to you, do not fret. Although some people apply glue to the skin around the nail to help any such messes peel off, I don’t. The polish seems to peel off of the skin with ease regardless, and if it does not, washing my hands seems to work to remove any excess. The end result was much tidier around the edges, something I am sure Rarity would appreciate.

I am hoping to do a few more MLP manicures in the future. This one was not the best, and I know that with practice (and patience too), I will be able to do better ones. I am hoping these will stay for a while, but when I finally decide to remove the polish and do more MLP nails, I will post pictures. Feel free to share your own pictures of MLP manicures (or pedicures) if you decide to try this for yourself!


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