Flutter Brutter

SPOILER ALERT! Those of you who have not seen the show, be warned. This review is going to contain spoilers about the episode. If you have not seen it yet, watch it right now and read my review in 20 minutes, or prepare to have some of the critical plot mentioned before you view it. I am assuming many of you are bronies, or fans of the show, and you are reading this review for an interesting insight on an episode you have seen countless times already (as have I), in which case, continue reading, and enjoy!

Just the other day, my coworker and I were talking about this season’s need for a good Fluttershy episode. And now we have one! (My coworker is an MLP fan as well, and she gave me a Princess Cadance blind bag figure, so she’s my favorite person now LOL).


Although the title is lacking, “Flutter Brutter” was a great episode. It starts with Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy eating lunch with Fluttershy’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Shy. During lunch, they mention Zephyr Breeze, Fluttershy’s younger brother, who is going to move back in with his parents again. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash do not seem pleased with this, although Mr. and Mrs. Shy are too reserved to tell him he can’t do so. Zephyr arrives home moments later, and he is quite annoying.

It turns out that last time Fluttershy’s younger (though for some reason, possibly looks, I think he should be older) brother left home, it was to pursue mane therapy. The first time watching this, I heard “meme therapy” which sounds extremely interesting, and would have made for an amazing episode. Also, based on my first impression, Zephyr seems like meme therapy would be a great career for him. Mane therapy didn’t seem to work out, since his own style “threatened” others. Perhaps he should try meme therapy instead.

Zephyr Breeze Mannequin.png

When “Rainbows The Best Flyer There Ever Was Dash” gags at the mane, he apologizes for teasing her, and tells her he knows the flying stuff is just to impress him. Boy does that pony have an ego! Even I can tell she isn’t into him, and I’m terrible at reading stuff like that.

Zephyr calls the place drab, hangs up posters of himself, and promises to redecorate the place with his stuff. The Shy’s house looked awesome though. Fluttershy tells her parents that letting him move back in might not be a good idea, since he takes over their space and makes them do everything for him. Although Mr. and Mrs. Shy claim to be not as bold as Fluttershy, (I find this funny, since Fluttershy is still extremely timid) they can stand up for themselves against Zephyr. As he continues to redecorate the house, we learn that he only stayed in mane therapy school for a few weeks before quitting. He then goes upstairs to take a siesta.

Zephyr redecorating.png

While Zephyr is napping, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash go for a fly around Ponyville. Fluttershy states that she is peeved, which appears to be a pony swearword. Along the way, they encounter Pinkie Pie and Applejack, who apparently know all about Zephyr and his long history of moving back in with his parents. This makes me wonder why we never heard anything about him until now, as he was clearly discussed with the Mane 6 at some point. Applejack tells Fluttershy she should stand up for her parents, since they won’t stand up for themselves. When Fluttershy goes back to stop Zephyr from walking all over them, she sees him destroying Mr. Shy’s special cloud collection, and trashing Mrs. Shy’s flower garden to make an art studio and meditation patio. It is clear that Mr. Shy loves his cloud collection, and it is cute that they are so special to him, yet he pretends it is not an issue, and continues to let Zephyr take advantage of him.

Cloud collection being destroyed by Zephyr.png

It is at this point that Fluttershy says Zephyr will never be able to do things on his own if his parents carry on this way. It is tough love, and I know she doesn’t want to do it, but Fluttershy helps her parents kick Zephyr out of their home.

Kicking Zephyr Out.png

The next scene shows Fluttershy in her cottage, chatting with Rainbow Dash about having to kick Zephyr out. In the middle of the conversation, guess who shows up. If you guessed Zephyr Breeze, congratulations, you are correct! Zephyr continues to flirt with Rainbow Dash, but she comes up with an excuse to leave. Fluttershy agrees to let Zephyr stay with her, so long as he gets a job.

The next morning, Fluttershy drags Zephyr out of bed and takes him to his job. The job entails dying three rolls of fabric for Rarity, an extremely simple task. Based on his self-loving attitude, I figured Zephyr might do okay working with Rarity, but she leaves him alone to get supplies with Fluttershy. When they come back, Zephyr is reading on Rarity’s bed, and the place is a disaster.

Zephyr dyed fabrics.png

Zephyr had tried to talk to animals, like his sister, and get other creatures to do the job for him. Fluttershy’s talent is not genetic, and things didn’t go as planned. Some of the fabrics did turn out pretty cool, so apparently Equestrian animals have innate fashion skills. That tie-dye loots great, and those watermelon stripes are groovy! Zephyr blames the whole disaster on Opalescence, for walking by and giving him the idea.

Opalescence dyed and Zephyr.png

Rainbow Dash Cat!

Since the job with Rarity didn’t go well, Fluttershy then takes Zephyr to Princess Twilight’s castle to clean the windows. At this point I realized that the jobs she intends to give him are not actual careers, but simple tasks. I originally thought he would have to do full time work, but the tasks he is assigned are simple things that can be completed in less than a day. Odd jobs don’t really seem to be enough to keep someone busy. I know people who have done odd jobs and would work for a few days or weeks before being unemployed for months at a time.

Anyway, Fluttershy goes to enjoy tea with Twilight and leaves Spike to supervise Zephyr. This does make me wonder why Fluttershy is so adamant about Zephyr working if she is just going to hang out with her friends all day. This seems a bit hypocritical and unfair. Rather than doing the work like he is supposed to, Zephyr asks Spike to demonstrate the best cleaning technique. Although I must commend Zephyr on his clever trickiness, tricking Spike is wrong. Spike did all of the work, so Fluttershy needed to give Zephyr another job.

Spike cleaning windows.png

The next job is with Rainbow Dash at Wonderbolts’ Academy, and it is something so simple she doubts even he can weasel his way out of it, and threatens to zap him with a storm cloud if he tries. However, Zephyr just sees this as Rainbow Dash making an excuse to hang out and states he can already feel the electricity between them. Pun humor is the best humor.

Later on, we see Zephyr return to Fluttershy’s cottage, after another failed job. He calls Rainbow Dash crazy for expecting him to do stuff when she told him to. Fluttershy kindly yet assertively tells him to finish things so he can find something he enjoys doing. After Zephyr refuses to do this, Fluttershy kicks him out of her house as well.

Zephyr Electrecuted.png

Zephyr goes to live in the woods. I hoped this would be his calling, and it turns out he is a super great natural survivalist. His cutie mark fits that theme, so I assumed it could be possible. He would live off the grid and be happy. That was the exact opposite of what really happened. His shelter failed and he could not even build a fire.

Come on Sticky Sticky, make with the sparks.png

“Come on, sticky-sticky, make with the sparks!”

Fluttershy and Rainbow go to check on him and see the state of things. Fluttershy refuses to let her brother live like that, although if she left him to be, he may not have lived much longer. Rainbow says she doesn’t think he could make it through the night. Naturally, the ponies go to help him. Fluttershy reminds him that he is smart and talented, and can do anything he tries. Zephyr worries he will try and fail, which is worse than having never tried at all. I also feel this way, so I can relate. Fluttershy says Zephyr can come back as long as he does whatever she asks.

Back in her cottage, we get a song, “Can I Do it on My Own?” The song is really awesome. I love getting to hear Fluttershy sing, and her duos with Rainbow Dash are amazing. Zephyr is a really great singer too, and their voices combine to make a wonderful song. Throughout the song, Zephyr works on his mannequin and styles the hair to something that looks pretty good.

To me, though the end result looks better than the original, it does still need work. I interpret this as meaning that although you may not be great at something, even finishing it is an accomplishment, and trying your best results in much better things than not trying at all would. This seems like a really great moral, and definitely a lesson that can benefit me in real life. Zephyr thanks his sister for believing in him and gives her a hug. Awww.

Zephyr and Fluttershy hugging.png

To end the episode, we go forward in time, to a scene with Rainbow Dash eating dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Shy, who thank her for not giving up on Zephyr. Mrs. Shy says that after pining for him for so many years, it must be satisfying to see Zephyr on the right track. Rainbow Dash looks appalled, but perhaps it is because she actually is interested in Zephyr now, and is embarrassed they brought her crush up.

I mean, when Zephyr walks in after graduating mane therapy training, he throws his graduation cap on Rainbow Dash’s head. Rainbow Dash’s head, not one of his family members. This clearly means there is something between them, right? And Rainbow seems extremely proud of him…

Zephyr and Rainbow Ship.jpg

Just maybe?? XD Yes, I ship them now. (Art by Cascayd)

Although this episode was not quite my all time favorite, it was really good. I loved seeing Fluttershy’s family, and they were all nicely executed characters. The story line, though not what I had hoped it would be (meme therapy, and later on, Wilderness Zeph) was still satisfying. The song was amazing. The humor was great as well, with my personal favorite jokes being Zephyr’s failed wilderness survival, and the Rainbow Dash crush thing, which by the end, was hopefully not a joke. This episode was much needed, as we have not seen much of Fluttershy this season. The lesson was great, and Fluttershy was the perfect pony to teach it. I enjoyed this episode a lot and it was super cute 🙂


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