Spitfire Funko Review

Spitfire Flying.png

In honor of the episode, “Newbie Dash”, I figured I would review one of my Funko figures, Spitfire. I bought this figure on August 11, 2015, because she was priced cheaper than a lot of the other Funko collectibles were, and I’m always looking for deals. When I bought her from Amazon, she was only $8.95. She is still currently available on Amazon (link here). I have had her on display since her arrival (a few days after I bought her), and she is holding up well.

Although I display my figures outside of the boxes, I like to keep the boxes, just in case I may need them (for things like blog photos). The thing I really like about the Funko vinyl collectible boxes is that they follow the color scheme of the pony. The stripes and logo are colored in Spitfire’s colors. The black box/pony image provides a unique look to MLP merch. I am used to seeing much more pink in the packaging.


Her eyes droop a bit, which does give the appearance of being tired. This is my biggest issue with the figure. I think the details in the figure are really good, from the designs on the uniform, to the little goggles resting on her head.

If you look closely, you can see where the pieces all come together. In general though, the figure appears well-made. The tail and wings seem fragile, as they do on other Funko figures, such as the glowing Derpy one I reviewed a while back. So far, nothing has broken off, but I use mine for display only. I have heard of people having tails break off of their figures, though I suspect this is only due to handling.


I figured I would include a back view, just to show every angle of Spitfire. For nine dollars (as a sale price) this is a bit more expensive than a lot of my figures. These are made specifically for collectors, whereas many of my other items on display are actually made to be toys. These are collectibles, and I would not recommend them for children or anyone who wants to play with them. Some handling is fine, but kids can be rough, and Spitfire was made to stand on a shelf or desk. For that purpose though, she does well. Although I believe the price is still a bit high (I can’t believe how much I spend annually on my collection…), she is a good figure to add to a collection.



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