Pony Ages Part 2

A while back, I did an in-depth analysis of the ages of the Mane 6. You can read it here, and I suggest doing so, as it will help make the reasoning used in this post clearer. On May 27th, Equestria Daily featured a post of the different pony age stages. This can be found here, but I did include the chart below for easy reference.

Age chart.jpg The chart seems to make sense for the most part. I would classify Stages 5 and 6 together though. Having a 2 year age span for one stage and a nearly two decade span for the very similar follow-up stage is ridiculous. Apart from the youngest stages, where development is rapid and easily noticed, each stage contains a relatively large amount of years. I believe stage 5 should contain Coco as well as the Mane 6, and can encompass ages 18-39. We can call this “Young Adult” to make those in their thirties feel like they are still in their youth.

Another factor is body size. Ponies have different shapes and sizes, and it should be noted that there are exceptions to this chart. Celestia and Luna, for example, are thousands of years old, but look nothing like stage 8. Whoever labeled stage 8 as Stage 6 must be getting senile themselves. There are some ponies (such as Ms. Harshwhinny) who I believe to be “middle-aged” based on their lives, yet would likely be part of the Young Adult body type. Perhaps there should be a split by maturity, and make an 18-25 and 26-39 category that share similar body types, but are otherwise total opposites in where they are in life.

Sisters pretty.jpg

For being thousands of years old, they sure look good!

In addition to all of this chart analysis, I would like to update the age analysis from before. Simply because of Rainbow Dash being immature, and Applejack being extremely mature, their positions should be switched. The updated list is below, and I rounded a little differently to avoid random numbers.

Fluttershy: 21.50

Rarity: 21.25

Applejack: 21

Rainbow: 20.25

Pinkie: 20

Twilight: 18.75

Coco Pommel: 18 (I know she is not part of the mane six, but she did play a major part in this post).

Spike: 12-13 (He hatched when Twilight was already a young School Age pony)

Twilight hatching Spike.png

I am curious to know what you think. How old do you consider the Mane 6 to be (and other ponies as well, if you took it that far)? Do you agree with the stages of development in the chart? Feel free to share your opinions and ideas in the comments.



  1. I believe that Lauren Faust said they were young adults, but she thinks of maturity levels more than literal age. In maturity they’re 12-17, however, young adults tend to be 18+, which would explain their independence. When I first watched the show, I kind of compared it by voice and maturity. I thought the CMC were about, mmmm? 8? The mane 6? 15 or 17-ish… She said they were young adults though and I just thought this when 1st watching the show, however. Independence and responsibilities may also be different than in the EQG human world compared to the pony world, but the EQG world does not connect to the real show, so the ages wouldn’t apply. Faust DID say ponies age and gain independence differently than humans and it’s most likely that the mane 6 are quite older than the CMC considering when Sweetie Belle was 5, Rarity was still a grown mare.


    ~Lauren Faust said the mane 6 were young adults (18+, but immature for their age)
    ~In the EQG world, the mane 6 are teenagers (seniors in High School)
    ~Amy Keating Rogers said that Cheese and Pinkie put too much candles on Rainbow Dash’s birthday cake in Pinkie Pride (21 in front, don’t know how much in the back if there is any)
    ~Rarity was still a grown mare when Sweetie Belle was 5
    ~The CMC are school aged ponies
    ~The mane 6 (except Pinkie and AJ) all live on their own independently
    ~Rarity owns more than one business
    ~The CMC got their cutie marks which is sometimes used to express puberty
    ~Jim Miller said Spike was 16-22, but Lauren Faust compared him to a 8 year old (he also said Faust could refute his idea)
    ~Lauren Faust compares Apple Bloom to a 7 year old
    ~Most of the show staff say Spike was hatched when Twilight was only 5, so Twilight may be the youngest
    ~Faust said maturity contrasts with age and it’s possible for a 30 year old to have the physical maturity of a 15 year old
    ~RD was the 1st in her class to get her cutie mark
    ~Despite Applejack being littler than the CMC, it still took her awhile to get her cutie mark
    ~Rarity couldn’t figure out for the longest time why she didn’t have her cutie mark
    ~Miss Cheerilee (the teacher) was seen in a flashback of Rarity’s in her same class

    Basically, in season 6, in my eyes, they seem college-aged. Jim Miller said that Spike was 16-22, however, I won’t believe this, because he seemed quite unsure about it. Spike is obviously older than the CMC, but I’ll believe that dragons age differently than ponies considering in Dragonshy, it said dragons could sleep for 100 some years. Even if the mane 6 are all seniors in EQG and Faust claimed they were “young adults” and in this case, I wouldn’t believe for a second that the mane 6 are all 18 considering 2 Hearth Warming’s have passed between season 4 and 6. Amy Rogers also said RD was younger than 21.

    I’m sorry if this is a bit complicating for you to think about, but this basically says they’re in late teen-hood, early adulthood currently. It also gives you the sense that ponies may get cutie marks or gain independence a bit earlier than humans do and despite the mane 6 being in High School in EQG, the ages there may not apply…

    With that out of the way, I think I should put down some ages for the mane 6, Spike, and CMC since they’re the main characters of this show.

    Rarity I believe to be the oldest… (Or one of the oldest) Probably 22-ish considering she owns 3 businesses. Considering ponies may be naturally talented, she owns one in Manehattan, Ponyville, AND Canterlot. She always struck me as the adult type I guess and she’s around the same age as Miss Cheerilee. She also couldn’t figure out for the longest time why she didn’t have her cutie mark. It’s possible she may be 11 years older than her sister, Sweetie Belle, because she was still an adult (or close to adulthood) when Sweetie was 5 in her little flashback.

    Applejack can easily run her own farm, but still lives with her siblings and grandmother. As a care taker of a farm, the last in her class to get a cutie mark, a mother-like figure to Apple Bloom, etc… I put her as one of the oldest ponies, but under Rarity considering she doesn’t necessarily live on her own. I’d put her at 21.

    Fluttershy I’ll put at 21 too considering she lives on her own, but her brother is the same age as RD. Even if she was a taller pony in her flashback, I don’t think she’s much older than RD considering they were in the same flight class. Some kids can also be taller, but be around the same age as other ponies in their class. For example, Snails is tall for his age and Snips is short for his age.

    Rainbow Dash I’ll put slightly above Pinkie Pie, because Pinkie lives with the Cakes. RD was one of the first in her class to earn her cutie mark so I’d assume she’s a bit younger, but still a bit older than Pinkie and Twilight because Twilight only hatched Spike as a kindergartener. Twilight was also JUST entering school and as Faust said, maturity and age are a whole different story. I’ll just put her at 20-ish.

    Pinkie Pie doesn’t live on her own, but she’s still considered a bit younger by me. As you’ve read my theory above, she’s a year younger than Fluttershy is so she’s probably 20.

    Twilight, Twilight, Twilight… She’s definetly more mature than RD and Pinkie, but just remember that a 30 year old can have the maturity of a 15 year old and a 15 year old can have the maturity of a 30 year old. I’ll put her at 19 to 20ish. She graduated as Princess Celestia’s student back in season 3, but entered school when RD was already in school, so I put her a bit younger. However, it’s still possible Twilight may have been 18 in the season 3 finale considering she had more extended studies than her friends. Ponies may also gain independence earlier considering they can get a cutie mark at as young as 5.

    Spike most likely won’t age for awhile considering dragons can nap for 100 years. Although he was considered a “baby dragon” back in season 1, he’s claimed to be 5 years younger than Twilight is so he’s most likely 14 or 15.

    The CMC are a bit younger than Spike and a bit younger than their sisters. Since ponies are naturally talented and can get their cutie marks as young as 5… Sweetie was also 5 back in her flashback but take note that some ponies have different shapes in body despite their age. Since I consider Rarity 11 or so years older than Sweetie Belle, I’m going to have to say the CMC are 10 or 11-ish… Most likely 5th graders… They were probably 7 to 8-ish when the series started though considering how much time has passed between Equestria and the very wonky Equestria girl universe.

    Sorry if my theory was a bit long or annoying, but the ages you put do make sense as I agree with most of what you said… The mane 6 are most likely 19-22, Spike 14-15, and the CMC 10-11. If people are wondering how old the ponies are, I hope this helped you a bit.


    • Great analysis. I love the way you reasoned that out. Also, you brought up an interesting point with dragon aging. It seems that Spike grew/aged with greed and many of the larger dragons we have seen have hoarded treasure and just been big, bad dragons. Princess Ember, who seems to be like Spike, is noticeably smaller than most dragons. Could be that treasure and related dragony things have to do with how dragons develop.


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