Grindstone- My Ponysona

I’m sure some of you are familiar with my OC, Ivy. Recently, I made another original character. Her name is Grindstone, and she is my Ponysona. For those of you unfamiliar with a ponysona, it is a special kind of OC that represents certain characteristics of its creator. Pony + persona = Ponysona.


I designed her to look like an MLP version of me. Sort of. I don’t actually have blue skin or purple hair, although I am hoping to dye my hair this summer. I do have a few freckles on my face and my eyelashes are very long. My hair is long, and I usually wear it in a braid. Sometimes I keep it in a ponytail, though. This is how I chose the mane and tail styles for Grindstone.

As for the name, it is based off of the expression “keep one’s nose to the grindstone” which means to work, study, or practice hard and steadily. In all that I do, I apply myself fully. Whether it be my schooling, my job, or my hobbies, I keep working hard so that I can succeed. I aim high, and the only way to reach those expectations is to keep my focus on what I want and continue to work for it.

Grindstone is a student, and she wants to help other ponies. She also works in a library and is very precise about keeping the books organized. I do not work in a library, but I used to, and when I am living in my own house, I hope to open part of it up as a library. No matter what it is she is presented, my ponysona will try until she can be great at it. She refuses to fail and will put in whatever it takes to be the best she can.

Of course, I just recently created Grindstone. I hope to develop her more as time goes on, and get some nice art, like I have for Ivy. If I make any changes to her or draw/commission some pictures, I will be sure to post! 🙂


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