Starlight Glimmer Brushable Review

Since Starlight Glimmer is becoming more and more important this season, I am going to review the only piece of Starlight Glimmer merchandise that I have. I need more, I know, and hopefully Hasbro will release more soon. Build-A-Bear is supposedly adding new MLP characters soon, and I am hoping they release Starlight, because I adore the BAB plushies.

In Package.jpg

I bought the Starlight Glimmer Explore Equestria brushable at Walmart in early March. She cost 4.88 or 4.99 before tax. Although I can’t find her on the Walmart website to confirm the price, she may still be sold in stores. I found her in the Easter section, not the My Little Pony section, though if she is still in stock, I suspect she will be in the MLP section at this time. I was able to find the brushable on eBay by a few sellers. This one seemed to be the cheapest at 9 dollars. This is a few dollars more than in store, but saves the hassle of looking for her and not being able to find her. The ponies seem to always go for more on eBay, but I got a few deals last night. Generally, if I see a pony in a store, I buy them right there, in order to avoid paying more online.

With mane 6.jpg

I keep my Starlight on my Mane Six shelf. This is partially due to the fact that my other shelves have nearly no space, but also because she is good friends with the Mane Six now. Also, she looks cute there, don’t you think?


This is the side view of Starlight. She has such beautiful, voluptuous hair. In order to get a view of her body and cutie mark, I had to tuck her hair behind her. Like other merchandise, Starlight only has her cutie mark on one side. This doesn’t bother me too much, since I display her facing forwards, but if I had room to face her sideways, I would just face her in this direction, so her blank flank would not be visible.

The mark on her front hoof is for use in the mobile game. I used to play the game, but it kept crashing, so I deleted the app. For those who play the app game, the hoof can be scanned to unlock the character in the game, I believe. Although the ability to unlock a virtual character is nice, and the code takes the shape of a cute heart, I do wish


She is just as adorable from the front. This angle gives the best view of her bow. It has glitter on the top and is made of plastic. The bow is the perfect color and accessory for Starlight and brings out the turquoise accents in her mane and cutie mark.

This brushable is really great, and a necessary addition to any collection. She is a standard size, 3 inch pony. Starlight would also make a good toy, since the mane and tail can be styled, and the head rotates. Of course, the headband bow could be a choking hazard for young kids. One of my younger cousins really loves braiding, brushing, and ponytailing pony hair. She even strings beads into the mane, so brushable ponies are her favorite ponies.

Starlight is well-worth the price I paid. I hope to see much more Starlight Glimmer merchandise soon. In addition to the one I have, there was one more Starlight brushable released in 2015. 2016 brings the release of another 3 inch Starlight and a Fashion Style edition as well. I really want to see Starlight plushies, clothing, and much more.

❤ ❤ ❤ Starlight is so cute ❤ ❤ ❤

Blushing cute.png

Credit to LolliponyBrony


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