Newbie Dash

SPOILER ALERT! Those of you who have not seen the show, be warned. This review is going to contain spoilers about the episode. If you have not seen it yet, watch it right now and read my review in 20 minutes, or prepare to have some of the critical plot mentioned before you view it. I am assuming many of you are bronies, or fans of the show, and you are reading this review for an interesting insight on an episode you have seen countless times already (as have I), in which case, continue reading, and enjoy!

So, it finally happens. Rainbow Dash leaves the Reserves and becomes an official Wonderbolt. I was hoping this would happen eventually, and others had been sure it would. Yes, yes, YES! So happy. OMG. YES. I fell in love with the episode before the theme song even started.

With the Ponyville Wonderbolts tour only two days away, Rainbow Dash needs to go train, so she can learn the routine. She is extremely egotistical and Twilight reminds her that the Wonderbolts are all good fliers and it might not be as easy as she thinks. When she gets to the Wonderbolts’ Headquarters, she learns the first rule of the Wonderbolts: always check both ways before crossing the runway.

Crossing the Runway.png

Rainbow Dash, looking awesome in her official uniform, is determined to show that she is a great flier and impress the others. She is so caught up in this that she does not follow rule number one. In order to avoid two Wonderbolts who come flying at her, Rainbow Dash dives… Right into a trash can. The Wonderbolts laugh, and call her “Rainbow Crash,” which is the same thing that the bullies back in flight school used to call her. Personally, I would have called her “Rainbow Trash,” but I am not a bully. Throughout the day, she is continually called “Crash.”

Rainbow Trash.png

That night, Pinkie throws a party to celebrate. Rainbow Dash is unable to enjoy the party because of what happened that day. In order to make a new name for herself the next day, she impersonates all of her friends. Her Pinkie impersonation was annoying, and her Applejack impersonation was on-point, probably because the two share a voice actor. Either way, this whole scheme was quite comical.


Flutter Dash FTW 🙂

When Rainbow Dash gets her official Wonderbolts jacket, rather than having her real name on it, it has her nickname. Well, a weak pictorial version of her nickname. Because the target audience of the show doesn’t know how to read? Whatever. Rainbow Dash is clearly upset over this, and slams her locker door shut with the jacket inside, vowing to come up with something awesome to keep her from maintaining the nickname “Rainbow Crash” for the rest of her life.

Rainbow Crash.png

To pull of her plan, Rainbow Dash enlists the help of her biggest fan, Scootaloo. Her plan involves Scootaloo sending a storm cloud into her path during the performance. I can already tell that is a terrible idea. And… I was right. Rainbow Dash ruins the end of the performance and crashes in the most epic way possible. Rainbow Dash explains why she did it, and says she isn’t Wonderbolt material after all.

However, the other Wonderbolts assure her of her position. They all reveal that their nicknames come from embarrassing incidents and are just as humiliating as “Rainbow Crash.” Spitfire admits that Rainbow Dash doesn’t even want to know her nickname, though whispers it anyway. I am really curious what it could be, but whatever it is, it’s much worse than “Crash.”

Even though she is put on probation for a month for what she did, Rainbow Dash still gets to be part of the team. This makes her very happy. She promises that instead of trying to stand out, she will fit in with the rest of the Wonderbolts, which I guess is the moral of the episode. Everypony is unique and has a special role in a team, but it is okay to not stand out above the other team members.


My favorite part of the episode happened at the very beginning, when Rainbow Dash became a Wonderbolt. After that, the episode was a bit boring, and did not seem to maintain the exciting factor that the first few minutes had. The lesson and story seemed weak, and although there was some humor, it was not a hysterical episode. But hey, Rainbow Dash finally got to see her dream become a reality, so that is definitely cool.




  1. This episode kinda pissed me off… :/


    • River

      Why’s that?


      • Several reasons. :/

        1. Douche-y Wonderbolts. Why the f are the Wonderbolts so douche-y?

        2. Dash’s behavior. Why didn’t she just TELL the WB’s she was tormented by that dumb nickname for years? Then again, the WB’s are probably to douche-y to care.

        3. The non-existent moral of the episode.

        4. The fact that bullying is okay in this ep., despite the “Friendship Is Magic” title.

        I stopped watching MLP after that, but I still write fanfics. I don’t need the show to write them anymore.

        The “Friendship” part of the show is barely there.


      • River

        I agree. The Wonderbolts seemed kind of mean because it was pretty clear that Rainbow Dash hated her nickname. All I can assume is the Wonderbolts didn’t intend it to be bullying and it was supposed to be playful teasing rather than hurtful taunting. It was one of the weakest episodes, although it was good to see RD accomplish her dreams in the beginning. The episode could have ended there haha. I’d recommend watching the most recent episode if you get a chance. It’s pretty funny.

        Liked by 1 person

      • XD

        Huh. I’ll check it out. 😀


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