My Ever-Growing Pony Army

Hi, all! I got some new ponies in the mail the other day. Well, they’re new to me. I ordered them off of eBay, which is nice, because they are still in great condition, and I did not have to pay as much as a store would charge for these two. Most of my merchandise comes from right from stores, but when I see a deal on places like eBay, I refuse to let it pass me by. Be careful though, because not all ponies on eBay are cheaper than in stores, and in order to get the maximum pony for your buck, I suggest doing a little research and comparing prices.


The one on the left is a wave 14 Sassaflash blind bag figure, and the one on the right is a glow-in-the-dark Funko blind box Derpy. The MLP Merch Database is super useful for identifying a character or wave, as well as providing an easy-to-use checklist, for keeping track of your collection.

This is a mini merchandise review, since I did buy them used, and can’t review any packaging, and as small figures, there is not much to really say. They both stand on their own, which is nice, and Derpy glows, although it is a bit fainter than I would have hoped. For display, though, they make a great addition to my pony army.

For children, they would be good toys, but I would not recommend for young kids. The ponies are small, especially the blind bag figure, and could easily be choked on. The tail on the Derpy figure seems weak, and I am sure with intense play, it could break off and become a choking hazard as well. I have a few cousins (currently 5-6 years old) that enjoy playing with MLP toys. I would have no problem with letting them play with these. Although they have more fun with the ones that move/have brushable manes, they enjoy stationary figures too.

I currently have over 80 figures (possibly more, but not nearly enough) and well over 100 pieces of pony-related merchandise such as clothes, accessories, bedding, and toiletries. Yes, I brush my teeth with an MLP toothbrush, wash with MLP body wash, and blow my nose in MLP tissues. I am an adult, I swear.

Also, if you have collections or merchandise you want to show off, feel free to email me at and I can post your pictures if you’d like. Plus, I just like to see all of the neat things that others collect.


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