No Second Prances

I am finally feeling a little better. It is nice to have energy to do things again. I was able to watch the most recent episode and get the review done for you guys. Thanks for the well wishes. 🙂 Anyway, if you haven’t seen the episode yet, go watch it! This post is going to be all about it, obviously, and I’d hate to spoil the plot before you see the episode.

The episode starts with Twilight and Starlight Glimmer (Yay, I have been waiting for another Starlight episode!) setting the table for a dinner with Princess Celestia. Rather than setting the table by hoof, like Twilight wanted, Starlight uses magic, and misses out on a friendship lesson Twilight was going to give. There are four places at the table though, because Starlight is expected to make and bring a new friend, to show her own progression, as well as what a great teacher Twilight is. It seems that Twilight still has much to learn about becoming a teacher, which is good. I didn’t like her being such a know-it-all in the past.

Starlight suggests that rather than making a new friend the normal way, she enslaves the population of Ponyville with magic. She was kidding, of course. Still, I am really starting to like this pony. She’s funny and cute and relateable.


Starlight originally does try to use magic to make friends, by baking a magical cake for Mrs. Cake (Mrs. Cake would not appreciate the business competition) and enchanting Big Mac to make him more talkative (Neither Big Mac nor Applejack were very pleased with this, so she reversed it.)

Rarity agrees to help Starlight by making her an outfit which is sure to get her friends, but the outfit would take three weeks, and the dinner is the next day. Rainbow Dash tries to introduce Starlight to one of the Wonderbolts, but Starlight was too busy stealing cutie marks and whatnot that she had no clue who the Wonderbolts were. This prompted Rainbow to make a very strange and creepy shocked face. Starlight is able to make friends with Angel Bunny, but claims he isn’t what Twilight had in mind for a new friend. Personally, I think Angel would have been a fine friend to bring, considering Angel hates nearly everyone else, but like I said, Twilight still needs to learn how to be a good teacher.

Rainbow Face.png

That face tho.

Starlight becomes stress over her inability to make a new friend, and so she decides to go to the spa. It is there that she meets someone who shares a regrettable past. She introduces her new friend, Trixie, to Twilight. Seeing as Twilight and Trixie have had a rough past, Twilight is less than pleased with her student’s friend choice.

Arch enemies.png

Starlight and Trixie bond, partially because they both have bad pasts. Still, it seems like they have a good friendship. Twilight worries that things will not go so well, since they both have bad pasts, and tries to set Starlight up with DJ Pon-3 instead. When this does not work, Twilight then pushes Starlight to befriend Derpy. Since Twilight is not giving Trixie a second chance, Starlight wonders what that means for her, and runs off. Before Starlight is completely gone, Twilight suggests Cranky Doodle Donkey as her new friend. This doesn’t go over well.

When Starlight gets back to Trixie, she informs her friend that she is better that Twilight at one thing: stage magic. Trixie then says she wants to do a trick that only one before her has been able to do (a ponified version of Harry Houdini). The trick involves blasting oneself through a cannon and into the mouth of a hungry manticore. Trixie could never do this on her own, but Starlight offers to use real magic to help. Unfortunately, the show is the same time as the dinner.


Hoofdini preparing for the trick 

Trixie basically manipulates Starlight into helping her with the trick instead of going to the dinner. This is when I began to think that maybe she was not such a good friend after all. I mean, it wasn’t until just a few seconds earlier that she even decided to do the trick, so surely she had something else planned for the show.

Meanwhile, at the dinner, Celestia is waiting with Twilight for Starlight. Starlight’s “three new friends” were there (DJ Pon-3, Derpy, and Cranky Doodle). Cranky Doodle begins to complain, as he is hungry, and his nose is too hairy. He had no idea who Starlight Glimmer is and thought that Twilight was talking about nose hair trimmers, which is likely the reason he agreed to go to the dinner. Also, notice the nice decorations in honor of Starlight and Princess Celestia.

The dinner party.png

Twilight leaves to look for Starlight. In Twilight’s defense, it was really jerky of Starlight to completely blow off the dinner without even telling Twilight about it. I mean, Princess freaking Celestia was waiting, for crying out loud! Twilight admits this is why she did not want Starlight to be friends with Trixie, but Trixie tells Twilight that Starlight choosing to be with her meant she beat Twilight and won.

Trixie says she only befriended Starlight to beat Twilight, but then says she just got caught up in the moment, and really does like having Starlight as a genuine friend. Starlight cries and runs off. This seems to be her go-to response. Trixie is really upset that Starlight is gone, but continues with her show, telling Twilight she is not sad, in the most fake way.

Trixie then gets on stage to preform “The Pathetic and Friendless Trixie’s Way To Go Dumb-Dumb -You Really Messed It Up This Time- Repentance Tour.” (It’s a working title.) Trixie prepares to do the same trick that Starlight was going to help with, except without Starlight’s help, it means she is going to be eaten by the manticore. It is a suicide mission. As Trixie prepares for her death, Twilight talks to Starlight about making her own friends like Celestia let her do, and lets her know that Trixie does seem to be the real thing. Trixie asks Starlight if they can be great and powerful together if Starlight still wants to be friends.

The pate and growerful Triskie.png

Starlight does! The Peat and Growerful Triskie emerges in one piece! Hoorah! She then introduces her assistant (and best friend) Starlight Glimmer. Twilight admits to Triskie that she was wrong, and congratulates her on the trick. Triskie thanks her and there are some fireworks. Yay for friendship!

Back at Twilight’s castle, the three “friends” are waiting with Princess Celestia still. Cranky Doodle asks Celestia how she gets her hair to do that mystical wavey thing all the time. She sighs, as though she hears the question all the time, but does not answer. I’m going to pin it on magic, as that is usually the explanation for everything.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this episode. It had a lot of humor, thanks to Triskie and Cranky Doodle in particular. Rainbow Dash’s face and Big Mac’s chatting were also pretty funny. The pairing of Starlight and Triskie as friends was really nice, too. It was great to see these two with rough pasts be able to come together as true friends. This was kind of relateable for me, as I went through a really hard time in middle school and made some regrettable decisions. Thankfully, I was able to make good friends like Starlight and Triskie became.

I also liked that Twilight learned a lesson. I hated her being a Mary Sue. Her being a teacher shows some new challenges that she must face. The teacher/student relationship with Starlight is so exciting and I just love watching that develop on both sides. This episode was great! (And powerful!)



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