Tora-Con Experience

I had a lot of fun at the convention. Nobody recognized me, but that was to be expected. If I go to any other cons this summer, I might go as an MLP character just because the show is popular and people will know who I am. The MLP cosplayers I saw were loved by all.

I also saw a few MLP buttons at one of the stalls. This was the only MLP related stuff for sale, since it is an anime convention and not a pony convention.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t buy any, because I’m super tight on cash and making my cosplay broke the bank. However, I do collect buttons like these and hope to buy one or two if I get a chance when I have more than 4 dollars (and some spare change) to my name.

In addition to the Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash pictured below, I saw a Luna or Black Snooty cosplay that I loved. I was going to be late for the Disney Death Battle panel, so although I couldn’t get a picture, I did say I liked the cosplay.



My parents, who dropped me off, said they saw a female RD cosplayer, but I never got the chance to see her during the convention.

All in all, if you like anime as well as MLP, this would be a great convention to go to if you are in the area. Dates for next year are already set, though registration won’t begin for a long while. I’ll keep you all updated. I had a great time and seeing the MLP characters was a super great addition to a fun day.


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