Tora-Con (RIT campus, Rochester NY)

I’m on my way to Tora-Con today. It’s a fairly small local con, and will be my first true convention experience. It isn’t a pony convention. I’m cosplaying, but not as an MLP character this time. I’m going as Miss Acacia from a French film.

I do hope that there will be some pony cosplayers at the convention. It would be a great place to talk about theories, the current season of the show, and cosplay. I saw some ponies there during my brief time there last year, and it will be nice to see more this year.

Sunday is the less busy day for this convention. There may be less people, but hopefully I’ll have more down time to meet up with some. If there are any cosplayers with good costumes, I will see if I can get a picture to upload to the blog.

In other news, there was no new episode this week. Be sure to catch the next one on Saturday. Have a great day, everypony!


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