A Little Bit of Everypony

Some people identify with a particular pony. “I’m just like Fluttershy” or “Twilight Sparkle and I are exactly alike.” I also find it fun to compare myself to the Mane 6. However, despite the fact that the show’s characters all have dynamic personalities, they still seem cliché enough that I can’t pinpoint a certain one to my personality.

For example, I am studious like Twilight. I love books, and reading is one of my favorite activities. Also, I care very much about what I do and I feel the need to do well in my studies. I’m definitely an overachiever like Twilight, too. Twilibrary

As for Rarity, she and I share a love of fashion. I run a Polyvore account devoted to My Little Pony inspired outfits and love to shop. I also make outfits for cosplay. On the darker side of her personality, Rarity is dramatic. I admit that I’m a total drama queen aND very emotional. This might not be my most positive trait, and it’s not hers either, but it seems that she can use it to her advantage. This was shown with the diamond dogs. I’m not sure if my whining is as annoying as hers. My boyfriend might disagree.

I am complaining.jpg

Like Fluttershy, I am extremely shy and timid. I used to be too afraid to go to my college dining hall because there would be people there. Thankfully, I’ve overcome this fear. Still, it reminds me of something she might experience. We are both very sensitive. Also, I am extremely kind and compassionate, like Fluttershy is.

Human Fluttershy with Sweater

Applejack is a down-to-earth country girl. Growing up in a rural area, I can relate to her farm life. I’m also honest, although it’s possibly in a bad way, because I am blunt and don’t hide my feelings despite the fact that I may come across negatively.

Grass Applejack.jpg

Rainbow Dash and I are both athletic. I love to run and was on the cross country, track, and swim teams in high school. I was never the best, but I did win a few races. And I truly enjoy competition, as does Dash.

Dashie in the clouds.jpg

Despite finding Pinkie Pie to be annoying, I see parts of myself in her as well. She always tries to make other people laugh and smile. I’m the one who tries to cheer people up when they’re sad. Both of us are total goofballs. Those who know me well are able to comment on my silly nature.

Sweater Pinkie Pie.png

What ponies do you identify with? Do you associate with one, a few, or all of the Mane 6? Are there other characters from the show that you relate to? If you have any thoughts on the topic, feel free to share them in the comment section!



  1. While I do see parts of the Mane Six within my personality, I feel like I can identify more with Sunset Shimmer. Back when I was younger, I had literally no friends. I went until the sixth grade with no one that truly cared about me. Then I met my best friend. We started hanging out after school a lot, and to this day (13 years later, mind you), we still talk and hang out often. I have many friends now, and have since realized that what Sunset said is true. “My past does not define me, because my past is not today!” I was a horrible person. Violent. Hateful. Now, I’m a pacifist who’s goal in life is to help people and make sure that they don’t go down the path that I myself almost followed.

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    • River

      Wow! That’s a great and inspirational story. My best friend and I have been friends for 6 years but I hope it goes on forever lol. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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      • Never a problem! They say that if your friendship lasts for more than a certain amount of time, then it’s bound to last a lifetime. By the way, great blog! I’m enjoying reading it 🙂


  2. I find that I’m a mix of the Mane 6. 😀

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  3. Oh, and I have a Polyvore page as well: http://simone-blakely.polyvore.com/

    I love fashion! X3


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