MLP in RuneScape

In addition to being an avid MLP fan, I am also a huge gamer. I play RuneScape, a highly popular MMO created by Jagex. I am sure many of you have heard of or even played this game yourself, but it is possible you may not have picked up on some of the references.

With the release of a new RuneScape update today, players searched far and wide for thirteen plushies. This event includes plushies such as Drakemon (a Pokémon reference), and my personal favorite, My Little Vanstrom. The My Little Vanstrom plushie is described as “a sickeningly cute vampyre plush toy.” This makes me think that the reference may be referring to previous generations of the franchise, that were much more girly. The toy, when squeezed, says “The others don’t love you like I do!” Again, this overly adorable saying seems more fitting with previous generations of MLP, but it is still cool.


The My Little Vanstrom plushie, waiting to be found

There is also a reference to those who collect MLP and other kinds of plushies. When giving the vampyre child the plushies, he transforms into an adult, but claims the toys are for the children. The character knows this is not true, and sarcastically acts shocked. It was mentioned that the vampyre was weird, which some may see as insulting, but it truly seemed like a harmless joke to me.

In terms of references to the current generation of MLP, there are many. Player-Owned Ports in particular are a hotspot for such references. In a December 2012 update, the locations were updated. This one took me a minute to get, but if you are stuck like I was at first, think of a certain energetic, party-loving pony. In this same update, an antagonist named Discord was added to the game as well.

Pinkie Pie.JPG

20 percent cooler Ports message.png

Although the screenshot above is not mine, it is a great example of the references that exist in the game. The 20% cooler Rainbow Dash joke is much appreciated, and I am certainly going to be paying more attention to the silly ports updates that I get while playing. There may be more subtle shout-outs like this.

The Troll Warzone also contains a reference to MLP:FiM, as an NPC named Kaqemeex said,”The trolls represent disorder. For us it is a major, immediate imbalance to the elements of harmony. But we need to call upon Guthix to right it with all haste.” This was the first MLP reference that I noticed in the game, and it got me interested in the topic of such references, as well as increased my desire to find more.

Perhaps my interest lead me to make a few drastic claims. For example, I shouted “Prince Bluebood!” at a unicorn who shared the prince’s color scheme. It was likely that this was a coincidence, but I will take it as an unintended reference to the fandom.


Giving the option of keeping smaller “unicorns” as pets, (They have wings and a horn, so the show would classify them as alicorns instead) was likely not a coincidence. These pets were released on the same day season 4 of the show began airing. With Princess Twilight Sparkle, being an alicorn, this seems purposeful. Also, the unicorn names (Dusk and Dawn) are both times of day, as is Twilight.

Thanks for reading. If you are interested in playing RuneScape to see these references for yourself, you can learn about the ways to play here. If you begin playing and notice something I missed in this blog post, add it in the comments below.


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