Lilliana, also known as Lily or Lil’ by those close to her, is the newest featured spotlight OC. She is an alicorn and belongs to Aubrey S. Base credit for the pose Aubrey used for Lilliana goes to devraini-bases.


A little bit about Lilliana:

She is a skilled negotiator and peacemaker, though not afraid to fight when it comes to it. Her cutie mark represents her talent as a diplomat, and she got it while helping two ponies running for class president. They were fighting, but with her help, they talked it out and agreed to campaign peacefully from there on out.

Her mother (an earth pony named Rosey Posie) and father (a unicorn named Pastel Fields) raised Lilliana in Fillydelphia. She was born as an earth pony. Her father is a politician, so I suspect that Lilliana inherited her talent in negotiating from him.

Originally, Lilliana did not care much for making friends, despite her parents’ encouragement. After meeting Princess Twilight, Lilliana changed her mind. Twilight told Lilliana about the importance of friendship and the magic it brings. She decided to use her abilities to help other ponies, and following in her father’s footsteps, she became the mayor of Fillydelphia.

She decided to travel, and resigned from mayor. Lilliana helped others all over Equestria, from Griffinstone to Yakyakistan. She used her talents to help make peace. In a daring battle against Queen Chrysalis and her Changeling army, Lilliana saved the princesses. For this, she transformed into an alicorn and was anointed captain of the Royal Guard, alongside Shining Armor.

What I like:

Lilliana is the first spotlight OC to be an alicorn, so that is very exciting! I also love that she has such a detailed thought and backstory. I can tell that a lot of thought went into it. I only included a brief portion of the details about Lilliana and the things she did. She is a really nice pony, and I am more than happy to include her as a spotlight OC.


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