The Gift of the Maud Pie

SPOILER ALERT! Those of you who have not seen the show, be warned. This review is going to contain spoilers about the episode. If you have not seen it yet, watch it right now and read my review in 20 minutes, or prepare to have some of the critical plot mentioned before you view it. I am assuming many of you are bronies, or fans of the show, and you are reading this review for an interesting insight on an episode you have seen countless times already (as have I), in which case, continue reading, and enjoy!

For those of you familiar with The Gift of the Magi, the play on words in this episode’s title would be quite obvious. I am just glad I was able to read about the reference somewhere, because otherwise, I would have not understood it. After reading (a brief synopsis of) The Gift of the Magi, I was able to see that the story and episode followed a similar plot.

The gift of the magi.jpg

“The Gift of the Maud Pie” starts out with Pinkie and Rarity on a train. Pinkie is being annoying, and Rarity is talking about opening a new boutique in Manehatten. When they get to Manehatten, Pinkie sees M-A-U-D! Gosh, I love Maud. There is something about her monotone voice and obsession with rocks that is really amazing.

Pinkie hugs Maud and Rarity.png

We learn a little bit about the Pie family tradition of PSSSD (Pie Sister Surprise Swap Day). Every year, one day is set aside to spend the day somewhere with each sister. A different location is chosen each year. At the end of the day, at sunset, the sisters swap gifts with each other.

Pinkie asks Rarity to PLEASE help her in getting Maud a gift as good as she gets Pinkie every year. Pinkie decides to get Maud a rock pouch to keep her pet rock, Boulder, in. Rarity suggests they sight-see a path to the pouch shop, and then says she will distract Maud so Pinkie can sneak off and buy the pouch. Along the way, she will be able to look for boutique locations as well.

Pinkie is annoying the entire time that they sight-see, constantly talking about the great present she is going to give Maud. When they stop for lunch, Rarity and Pinkie hide behind a menu and go over the plan again. While Pinkie sneaks off to buy the pouch, Rarity listens to Maud give the story of how she and Boulder first met.

The story of boulder.JPG

When Pinkie gets to the pouch store, she discovers that is suddenly closed because the owner went on a vacation to Canterlot with his grand-niece. A police pony (voiced by Tabitha St. Germain, as is Rarity) has to ask Pinkie to stop banging on the shop door, as it is closed. Pinkie obliges, and is forced to return to the restaurant empty-handed. Rarity orders a hot fudge sundae and she and Pinkie converse behind it. Although Pinkie could not get a rock pouch, Rarity says there is still plenty of time to find another gift.

Rarity tries just about everything, from a stuffed giraffe Maud is looking at, (The writers need to introduce the giraffe species into the show) to fancy rock jewelry. Boulder says the rocks in the jewelry are all too stuck up, though, so that option is out of the picture. When Rarity bombards Maud with nearly every item in sight, Maud is more pleased by a crack in the sidewalk that shows thermal expansion.

When Maud calls out for Boulder, asking where he ran off to, Pinkie says that a rock pouch would have been the perfect gift for Maud. This is true, and I fail to see why Rarity would not have been able to make one for Pinkie to give to her. Rarity finds someone with a rock pouch like the one Pinkie originally wanted to give Maud, and caught up to the pony wearing it.

The Rock Pouch.png

Rarity could have totally made that.

As you can see, the pony with the rock pouch has a pile of bits for a cutie mark. He is a greasy rat and I know it isn’t going to go well. Of course, it is bad to judge based on looks, but this is a kids’ show, so if somepony looks like a bad guy, that is probably the case. And low and behold, this slimeball is only willing to part with his pouch for Pinkie Pie’s party cannon. Pinkie parts with her cannon and gets the pouch for Maud.

Pinkie is sad, which makes me sad. She explains to Rarity that she got the rock pouch, but she is not excited. Rarity points this out, and asks where Pinkie’s cannon is, as she would normally be so excited she would shoot if off. Pinkie explains that she traded it, which was extremely sweet and generous of her to do. Pinkie, as annoying as she is, redeemed herself in my eyes. When the time comes to open gifts, Rarity is very eager. Unfortunately for her, she needs to wait. The sisters need to sing their song first.

Okay, then… When Maud opens her gift and receives her rock pouch, she is so happy. Her face and voice do not give this away. It’s brilliant. I just love Maud. Anyway, Maud’s gift to Pinkie is confetti for her party cannon. Pinkie tears up, hugs her sister, ans promises to love it five-ever. (That’s even longer than forever.)

Rarity and Maud go for a walk together, and Maud lets Boulder play with a much larger rock. The rock is quite impressive, but nothing compared to the crack in the sidewalk, Rarity remarks. She has been so sassy and sarcastic in this episode. I love it. With Rarity and Maud alone though, Rarity accidentally mentions that Pinkie had to give something up for that pouch.

Meanwhile, Pinkie is running around and throwing the confetti straight out of the package Maud gave it to her in. She says she loves her sister and her new confetti, and although it may be that she is just faking to make Maud feel better, I truly believe that she is happy with the gift she received.

Pinkie Pie throwing confetti.png

Maud questions where Pinkie’s cannon is, and although Rarity originally tries to get out of disclosing this, she eventually tells. Maud confronts Pinkie and she says she had to get the perfect gift, because Maud always gives her the best gift. Maud goes after the party cannon, to get it back for her sister. She is able to find the pony Pinkie traded it to by using her Maud sense. If you have seen the episode “Feeling Pinkie Keen” you would know that Pinkie Pie has a Pinkie sense as well.

Maud wants to return the pouch, but the rat pony who I hate says all sales are final. Although Maud’s expression does not appear any different, Rarity tells him about the fire in her eyes, and her clenched jaw. Together, they scare him into giving the cannon back.

Taking the cannon back.png

Pinkie is so happy to have her cannon back, and says she needs to get Maud a better gift next year. Maud tells her that this is not necessary, and Pinkie’s gifts are given with love, which is the most important part of gift-giving. Maud says this is the reason she will always love Pinkie, and her gifts, five-ever.

Before Rarity and Pinkie leave, Rarity shows the Pie sisters the location she chose for her boutique. Pinkie says it is her favorite PSSSD ever, and can’t wait for next year’s PSSSDWR (Pie Sister Surprise Swap Day With Rarity)! Rarity is honored but worries, because she only has a year to get them the perfect gifts. Pinkie quickly calms her friend, by reminding her of the lesson that Maud taught her not long before.

The moral of the story is that gift giving is an expression of love, and not a competition. It is the thought that counts. This is especially useful in the real world, and I feel that I can benefit from this in my own life, as I have often tried to outdo my friends on holidays by giving extravagant gifts, and feeling upset if I failed to get them a better gift than they got me. This episode was nice, because it showed one of my favorite ponies, who I rarely get to see. Seeing her interact with her sister, as well as her sister’s friend is good, and it shows that they have really managed to make a good friendship between them. I liked having a story that revolved on only a few characters, rather than many, which is why I prefer this over the premiere. All in all, awesome episode. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it as well as writing this review. 🙂



  1. I loved this episode to the moon and back. Maud is an amazing (and not to mention unique) character, and I thought it was great that Hasbro decided to make this episode.



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