Season Six Premiere

Season six begins in less than a week, and I am so excited. I can’t wait for the new episodes to come out. I posted another trailer video below. This one is a bit longer, and shows a scene from the show. It gives a good hint at what will be coming up and I am looking forward to seeing the friendship lesson that Starlight Glimmer learns.

I have been doing episode reviews starting with season one, but when the new season comes out, I am going to pause those to focus on reviewing the newest episodes. I will be posting my season six reviews as soon as I get a chance, but it will likely be just a day or two after the episode is aired. Be sure to use the tabs on the side of the page to sort through the reviews. As there will be a break, it may be useful to read the season one reviews I did before my hiatus on that, just to catch up on the story when I get back to them.



  1. T_o maybe you can answer this question: what was creating the storm in this premiere? In the season 3 premiere the storm was being controlled by king sombra dark magic (the crystal heart keeps away evil not snow).


    • River

      Possibly the snow and evil are tied together and when Flurryheart broke the heart it allowed for that natural evil to return whereas with Sombra, he created the evil with his magic. It seemed like a malicious storm as opposed to a typical storm, which we saw when the ponies struggled to hold it off.


      • “Possibly” o-o The show never states it.
        Are we just meant to presume that snow up on the edges of equestria works on the same logic as the everfree forest (it doesn’t seem to need pegasi assistance).


  2. XD maybe that will be how this season ends: Another tree of harmony is found up in the frozen north and a new group of protectors must be created in order to balance out equestria (completing starlight glimmer’s training).


    • River

      That would definitely be an interesting turn of events this season. I almost hope that SG remains in training for a few seasons though.


      • It’s sad to say this but….starlight glimmers fate lies in the hands of the toy sales.

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  1. The Crystalling-Part 1 | MLP Fanatic

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