Griffon the Brush Off

SPOILER ALERT! Those of you who have not seen the show, be warned. This review is going to contain spoilers about the episode. If you have not seen it yet, watch it right now and read my review in 20 minutes, or prepare to have some of the critical plot mentioned before you view it. I am assuming many of you are bronies, or fans of the show, and you are reading this review for an interesting insight on an episode you have seen countless times already (as have I), in which case, continue reading, and enjoy!

Oh no. Pinkie Pie is being Pinkie Pie again. This episode has already gotten on my nerves, and all that’s happened is Pinkie gushing to Twilight about Rainbow Dash’s coolness. And then following Rainbow Dash, begging for attention until Rainbow crashes into a mountain. Well, Pinkie, if you were not being so annoying, Rainbow would have been able to see the mountain. Way to go. How in the world can people stand that pony?

Anyway, Pinkie continues to stalk Rainbow Dash. Rainbow tries to avoid her stalker (I am so glad somepony sees how annoying Pinkie is). However, Rainbow’s sub-par hiding skills are no match for Pinkie Pie’s bouncy shenanigans, and no matter where Rainbow goes, Pinkie finds her. This entire scene is quite hilarious and contains some of the greatest facial expressions yet.

Eventually Rainbow Dash gives in and agrees to help Pinkie with whatever it was she wanted. As it turns out, Pinkie wanted to prank Spike, and needed Rainbow Dash to help by scaring hiccups into him with lightning. The two thought the prank was hysterical, and even Spike seemed to get a kick out of it. It really wasn’t very funny, but this is a cartoon, so I understand that everything (including Pinkie Pie’s exuberant personality) must be exaggerated. Spike’s hiccups end up setting scrolls on fire and delivering them to Celestia. She gets many more scrolls than Spike ignited, so I am going to assume she just got her daily delivery of fan mail from all over Equestria at the exact same time.

Spam of Scrolls Celestia.png

Pinkie and Rainbow realize that they both enjoy pranking, and Rainbow says Pinkie isn’t as annoying as she thought. Unfortunately, Pinkie Pie is every bit as annoying as I thought. Now that the two ponies are getting along better, they prank some of their friends. They get Rarity with sneeze powder, Twilight with invisible ink, and Applejack with an orchard of painted apples. The pranks got better as they went on, although none made me laugh.

One thing I found odd was that the ponies being pranked were pretty cool about it. If somebody gave me flowers laced with sneeze powder, I would probably get a little agitated. Another odd thing was that Applejack seemed confused and surprised about the apples being painted. She saw Pinkie and Rainbow with paint brushes, I don’t know how this isn’t obvious.



When Rainbow and Pinkie come across Fluttershy, they opt out of pulling a prank. Fluttershy would have certainly cried if they did, and it would break my heart to see the sweetest, most innocent pony crying. Good call, guys. Pinkie Pie does prank Rainbow though, and they both get a laugh out of it.

The next day, Prankie Pie is ready for a fun time with Rainbow Dash. Rainbow’s childhood friend, Gilda the griffon is in town, so Rainbow chooses to spend time flying and hanging out with her instead. Pinkie agrees to catch up with the old pals later on. I love the idea of introducing new species into the show, but based off of Gilda’s portrayal, I doubt that it is likely we will see any more. Gilda is a bully with a passion for really lame slang.

Pinkie Pie meets up with them again, by jumping up and down on a trampoline, which Rainbow Dash says makes Pinkie “random.” Of all the weird things Pinkie has done, this seemed like one of the few that wasn’t extremely out there. I wouldn’t describe it as random, especially not for Pinkie. Regardless, Gilda and Rainbow Dash race to a distant cloud. After replaying the race three times, I can confidently say that Pinkie was correct in declaring Rainbow as the winner. Following this, Gilda does and says many mean things to Pinkie.

Gilda Bullying Pinkie.png

When Pinkie goes to tell Twilight about Gilda, Twilight dismisses Pinkie and claims she is jealous. This seems absurd, as she has never even met Gilda, and assumes that one of her closest friends would be making things up because she was jealous. True friends side with their friends, so I guess Twilight still has a lot to learn about friendship.

Pinkie tries to believe Twilight’s words, but after Gilda pranks poor old Granny Smith, steals an apple from a stall, and bullies Fluttershy, it becomes time for “Extreme measures: Pinkie Pie-style.” Nopony (or griffon) should make Fluttershy cry!

Fluttershy Crying.jpg

Credit to Jozalynn0466 on DeviantArt

Extreme measures: Pinkie Pie-style is, of course, a party. At the party is the famous “I’m a year older than you” line, which Fluttershy delivers to Pinkie. So far, this is really the only indicator of any of the ponies’ ages. When Gilda, the guest of honor, arrives to Pinkie’s party, she is greeted by Pinkie and a hoof-shake buzzer trick. Gilda becomes suspicious of Pinkie.

Throughout the party, Gilda is on the receiving end of many pranks (Pepper in the lemon drops, punch in a dribble glass, a can of snakes as a present, and relighting candles on the cake) and when it comes time for Pin the Tail on the Pony, Gilda’s suspicion increases. She believes Pinkie is leading her to another prank, and goes in the opposite direction to pin the tail. Pinkie was leading her in the proper direction, so when Gilda turns around, she slips on some frosting and slides out the door.

Gilda Slipping on Frosting.png

Gilda gets extremely angry and lashes out calls everyone dweebs, with Pinkie Pie being Queen Lame-O for having such weak party pranks. She tells Rainbow Dash to leave and hang out with her, but Rainbow admits the pranks were her doing, not Pinkie’s. And although Gilda was on the receiving end, that was only coincidental, as they were meant for anyone. Rainbow Dash stands up for Pinkie, who threw the party to improve Gilda’s attitude. This scene makes it clear why Rainbow Dash is the element of loyalty, and her element is portrayed well in sticking with her true friends.

Twilight apologizes to Pinkie, but the lesson of the show isn’t to give your friends credit and believe them. In her letter to Princess Celestia, Twilight says that it can be hard to accept when somepony you like wants to hang out with somepony who isn’t nice; it is impossible to control who your friends hang out with but you can control your behavior. Twilight also mentioned that in the end, the difference between a true and false friend will come to light, which did seem like a good lesson. However, I wish that she included something about believing your friends, because it seems like she did not learn anything personally, but only through others.

To conclude the episode, we see Princess Celestia begin to write a reply to Twilight. Instead of regular ink, she is using a container of invisible ink that Twilight sent with the letter. She laughs it off and gets her real ink.

Celestia Writing.png

All in all, this was a decent episode. I liked the introduction of the griffon species and still hope to see some nicer griffons than Gilda. I feel like what the lesson said was good, but that it was still lacking. I also dislike how Twilight acted. Like “Applebuck Season” this episode focused less on Twilight than on her friends, which is good in the sense that we can learn more about what they are like, but sad because I really enjoy the focus being on Twilight. I think this was one of the weaker episodes so far, but the show sets high standards, so even for one of the weaker episodes, it was still enjoyable.


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