Rainbow Dash Crayon Art

Hey, everypony! I was home over break and my mom had the idea to do a craft with me. I made a project over the weekend and just wanted to share and give a tutorial so you can make it yourself. I am sure many of you have seen or heard of melted crayon art such as the one shown below. That was not done by me, but rather by Heidi, who runs the blog “Happiness is Homemade.” When my mom and I made our crayon art, we took a similar approach, but mine is about 20% cooler. At the bottom of the post is a summary of the materials and steps needed to create a cool MLP melted crayon masterpiece.Crayon Art

My mom thought that it would be cool to use a black and white image, to contrast the bright colors from the crayons. She chose a psychedelic skull design, and I, of course, chose Rainbow Dash. You can find the one I used here or search around for your own.

To start, I printed out the image I liked and cut it out. Then, I used a glue stick to adhere it to a large piece of Elmer’s foam board. Any sort of foam board should work, my mom did hers from a dollar tree piece and it turned out fine.

Once the silhouette was glued where I wanted it, I arranged the crayons at the top of the paper. I did rainbow colors, since I was doing Rainbow Dash, but if you wanted to do Pinkie Pie and use shades of Pink, or Twilight and use purples, I am sure that would turn out fine as well. I used roughly 50 crayons, selected from a 64 pack as well as a few 24 packs. There were a few crayons of the same color, which helped to fill the space as well as providing more of a color that may not be well represented otherwise.


Once all of my colors were chosen, I began to glue them down. I rotated them all so that the name of the color faced up. I thought it was interesting to read all of the unique names of the different colors, such as Wild Strawberry and Robin’s Egg Blue. When you glue the crayons down, use hot glue, rather than the glue stick you used for the silhouette. You need a strong hold on the crayons and a glue stick would not be sufficient.

With the crayons glued in position, you can begin melting. This may get a bit messy, so if you are worried about anything on the walls or floor getting dirty, cover it up with newspaper or something similar. The wax should scrape off of hardwood or linoleum floors easily, but on carpet or paper it will be difficult to remove a stain or drop of wax.

To melt the crayons, use a blow dryer on the hottest setting, and point it at the crayons. It is best to focus on a small area until it is melted completely and then move on. Alter the angle of the blow dryer to get the wax to go in the desired direction. Slanting the foam board will also help the wax to slide down better. This part may take a while, depending on the strength of the blow dryer you are using.


I took a short break halfway, because my arm was getting tired of holding the blow dryer and I also wanted to just give it a chance to cool down a little. You can see that there are some stray marks and instances in which the wax went sideways. That was a result of how I pointed the blow dryer at the crayons, and the hot stream of air carried the melted wax to the side.


This is the final result. Make sure that you keep it still for a few minutes after it is finished to give the wax time to set in place. The colors looked even better in real life than in the picture and I am so happy with how it turned out. I think it looks really, really great, and as an avid fan of MLP, this is a great decoration for my bedroom at home. I hope that I can do more experimentation with this type of art as well. It is a pretty affordable project, and I had a great time making it.

One thing I would like to try is to do a circle around the Mane 6. This would require rotating the foam board as you blow dry the crayons to prevent it from dripping onto the picture. My mom did something similar, with a round shape, and it turned out awesome. You can also see she added a touch of color to the black and white picture she printed, which might be cool to do with a pony image as well.

Mom's art.jpg

If I get any different ponies done in crayon art, or do a version with the Mane 6, I will be sure to add pictures as well as mention any techniques I did differently. Below is a quick summary of the project for easy reference.

MLP Crayon Art


  • Foam board
  • Hot glue gun
  • Crayons, new or used will work (depending on how you arrange your board, this could be as many as 100 or more)
  • Blow dryer
  • Printed image (optionally: draw your own image)
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors


  1. Print out a black and white pony image and cut around it.
  2. Glue the image onto the foam board with the glue stick.
  3. Arrange your crayons on the foam board and hot glue them in place.
  4. Use a blow dryer to melt small sections of crayon at a time.
  5. Let the piece sit for a few minutes to ensure the wax hardens in the proper place.
  6. Enjoy the beautiful masterpiece you just created!

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