Power Supply

Power Supply.png

Today’s spotlight character is Power Supply. He was submitted (along with another OC) by Jordan W. Unfortunately, I am selective with my spotlight OC’s, and I thought Power Supply was more interesting and well developed than the other character

The other OC is a stallion basketball player. Although the other OC has potential and a great design, he lacks a background, and even a name. Jordan seemed to miss the last few steps in creating the character, and I thought this would be a good opportunity to tie in what makes a good OC. You can read about the steps here.

Anyway, the reason I like Power Supply is that he has more than just a talent; he has a story. Jordan did a great job explaining what his childhood was like, and how he came to get his cutie mark. I can tell a lot of thought was put into the character, as well as some aspects of Jordan’s personal hobbies.

He grew up as a shy colt, and often played video games on his computer. Being around computers a lot, he learned to fix them. His computer as a child was old and broke a lot. Since his family was too poor to buy a new computer, Power Supply had to teach himself to fix it, in order to continue gaming.

Word got out that Power Supply was more than just a reclusive gamer. When the other ponies in Canterlot found out that he was good with computers, they began asking him for advice and to fix their computers as well. While doing a really intense repair involving carefully bending many parts back into place, Power Supply realized he was meant to fix computers. Not only was it something he enjoyed, but he had the patience and brainpower for it as well.

As a stallion, Power Supply continues to fix computers and runs his own business, Canterlot Computer Corrections. He is also working on teaching his special somepony a little about computers, since her laptop has a bad habit of freezing up. He hopes to help many other ponies learn to fix computers, because maybe they will enjoy it as much as he does. He dreams of someday teaching a class to the little fillies and gentlecolts and possibly get them to discover their special talent as well.

Remember, feel free to submit your OC’s to be considered. If they are not spotlighted, I will get back to you on things that might be missing, so you can add more detail and try again. I love to meet your characters and learn all about them!



  1. justinstyles

    How do I submit an OC?


    • River

      Great question! You can send an email to mlpfanaticblog@gmail.com with a picture attached and whatever information about your OC that you want to share. I’ll email you back to confirm it was received.

      Liked by 1 person

      • justinstyles

        Thank you!!


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