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Database banner.pngIn the MLP Facebook group I frequent, somebody shared a link with their MLP checklist on it. I thought that this feature was really cool and had never really seen anything like that on a website before, so I immediately signed up and made my own checklist. Feel free to check it out; I love being able to share my collection. It is not completely up-to-date yet, since I am not able to look at the majority of my collection. I only have a small amount of space here at college, so unfortunately, I was forced to leave the majority of my ponies at home. However, I am going home for spring break this weekend and I am sure that the week I am home will be plenty of time to update my pony checklist. And you can also look forward to more reviews on the merchandise at some point; a majority of it coming from what I have added to the checklist.

If you want to use this checklist feature for yourself (it is really nifty, so you should), just sign up at and check the box near the figures, plushies, brushables, and other pony things. The first few times I tried to do this, it was not working right, but eventually the check boxes magically appeared.

The website also has a wishlist. I have seen wishlists on Amazon and other websites, but the fact that this is an exclusively pony database to make wishes from is wonderful. The only reason I have not used it yet is because my goal is world pony domination, and I figured it would be easier to check the things I have rather than the hundreds of things I still want. But for upcoming birthdays or something, that sort of list would surely come in handy.

All of the trading and collectable card game cards are in the database as well. Although I will probably never have the patience to go through all of my cards and check each one off the list, I might, depending on how bored I get over spring break. They have all the comics listed as well, so it is not limited to just the figures.


The categories of merchandise that the database features

One thing I didn’t like was that the database seemed to lack certain kinds of merch. I have a ton of MLP clothing, as well as various useful items (pillows, cups, calendars, etc.) which are not included in the database. Although the large database is great as it is, I would like to see some additional categories. Another potential downside for collectors is that it does only contain the merchandise from the current generation of MLP, and people who collect past generation merchandise will not be able to benefit from this. Although I don’t really collect stuff from previous generations, I do have a few pieces of older pony stuff from when I was a child.

Either way, I really enjoy this site and I love the new checklist feature. I hope you all check it out as well. I subscribed to the emails whenever the database is updated so I can keep in the loop on all sorts of ponies that I must have. Along with the database, there is a blog as well. This is such a fantastic addition to my life. I’m so excited that I found this and I’m glad I can share it all with you!


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