Derpy: Too Much Hype?

Many fans of MLP:FiM are familiar with a grey pegasus pony who often appears in backgrounds and crowd scenes. Even people who do not regularly watch the show seem to know who this pony is. Derpy (also known by the names Muffins and Ditzy Doo, as well as several others) is extremely popular and loved.

Smurf on a Pony

However, many people claim that their favorite pony is a character who only has a very small part in the show and speaks rarely. I don’t really understand this, even now, unless they are basing their opinion on aesthetic aspects of the pony rather than who she is, since the show really doesn’t tell us much about her.

When I first became a brony, I was extremely enraged by this near-worshiping of an unimportant character. I grew to resent this pony. She has grown on me, yet I still think she is overly emphasized by the fandom. This past summer, I purchased my first piece of Derpy merch (a Funko Vinyl). I also got a Derpy Build-a-Bear, which I am going to stuff this summer. I realize that disliking a character just because I do not think she is worthy of all the hype is silly.

I mean, look at her. She’s pretty darn cute. She doesn’t have to be my #1 favorite for me to admit that.



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