Twilight Sparkle Pillow

If you have been following along my episode reviews, you will notice that three of the four episodes I have reviewed so far focused on the story of a really awesome purple unicorn. Well, last year, for my birthday, my best friend got me this lovely Twilight Sparkle pillow!

This pillow is a square foot in size and made of a soft material. You can get it on Amazon if you are interested in getting your own. They used to be sold in stores, but I received this a while ago, so it may be difficult to find now.


The front of the pillow

I had to remove all of the tags, because I wanted my pillow to be comfortable and cuddly. In the process, I accidentally removed 2 pieces of fringe on the right side. However, unless you look very closely, it is hard to tell. I think that this pillow is really cute and Twi’s face is adorable. It is a little bit disappointing that she does not have her horn, but a 3-D horn would have made the pillow uncomfortable. Also, the fringe might look better if it matched the colors of her mane and face from where it comes off.


The back of the pillow

The fringe pattern looks amazing from the back, though! Although I do not spend as much time looking at this side of the pillow (I prefer to see Twilight’s adorable face), I am extremely happy that this side has her cutie mark on it. It is better than just a plain purple back, which would be boring, and a 2-faced Twilight would be creepy. Because of the way the fringe lays, the missing pieces are more noticeable from the back, but I do not think it detracts from the appearance too much.

This pillow is squishy and soft, but is firm enough to hold its shape without flattening out. The pillows that I sleep on grow flat, and although I rarely sleep on my Twilight Sparkle throw pillow, I will often use it to prop my back up. I do occasionally doze off using Twilight as my pillow, and it is absolutely comfortable. Throw pillows, including this one, are often compact, and remain firm and supporting. This is great because it contributes to their longevity.

In general, I would rate this pillow a 9.5 out of ten. It is extremely comfortable (although I did have to cut off a sewn-on tag). My only other complaint was that there was no way to show Twilight’s horn. Still, it is really cute and well-designed. The material is good quality, as well as soft. If you are looking for some unique throw pillows to decorate your bed or couch, I would definitely recommend this one. Even if you need a comfortable pillow and don’t care about style, this is still a great choice, and the cuteness is a plus!



  1. J

    Awesome!! Makes me wanna get one, I might have to order it!


    • River

      If you do, I’m sure you will enjoy it just as much as I do! 🙂


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