Flower Blossom

It’s time for another spotlight OC. Today’s featured character belongs to Sarah M.

Flower Blossom is a male to female transgender mare who works as a florist. She’s a shy girl who tends to be more comfortable around her family and close friends then other ponies. She can seemingly talk with plants and others find her a little strange because of that. Flower Blossom has a wife and daughter as well.Flower Blossom.jpg

There’s a lot that I love about Flower Blossom. First of all, I love her color scheme. The colors are all soft and sweet, and remind me a bit of cotton candy. Also, the fact that her mane and tale are striped blue and pink is really clever, because it ties in that she is a male to female transgender pony. I looked up the transgender pride flag, and the shades of blue and pink in it match her mane and tail perfectly.

Flower Blossom Flag.png

Three women holding the transgender pride flag

Another thing I like about Flower Blossom is that she is a florist. Her super adorable cutie mark shows her affinity for plants. I’m always a fan of ponies who work with plants and flowers, as my own OC, Ivy, does as well. In fact, I am sure that Sarah’s OC would get along with my OC, if they ever met!


1 Comment

  1. Flower Blossom

    Thank you for doing this spotlight on her. It means a lot to me knowing that you like her.


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