Mane Six Age Analysis

This may contain very minor spoilers for several episodes, as well as the Equestria Girls movie. If you are worried, binge watch all of the episodes and movies, and then read this post. However, nothing to ruin the plot is mentioned here. Still, feel free to binge watch!

If you have seen the show and wondered about the ages of the main characters, you are certainly not alone. There are many others who have tried to answer the question of how old those colorful ponies are. I believe that the show left the ages unspecified for a reason: to allow the viewers to imagine the characters how they choose. This may help make the characters easier to relate to.  Still, I think it is fun to overthink things, so I did a bit of research and was able to come up with a fairly accurate age depiction for each pony.

A group of students did a scientific analysis and I used this as one of my primary resources, so feel free to check it out. I feel like they did an excellent job with their study. If you look at reference #15 from the study, it is a quote from Faust saying she imagined them as young adults with maturity levels of a 12-18 year old. She says they are horses, but have human brains; they grow up fast but mature slower.

We really can’t use them being high schoolers in Equestria Girls because there is some debate on if that is even canon. For example there is a line where Twilight said she hadn’t seen Cadance since the coronation, but she did see her in Equestria Girls, which is a conflict. Twilight may have simply forgotten that interaction, and so I still think Equestria Girls can be considered canon, just as the comics.

Another reason that I think the school setting in Equestria Girls does not mean that the mane six are high school age is because it takes place outside the realm of Equestria. There is a portal which could alter time and space when traveled through. They are two different dimensions, and comparing the ponies in Equestria to the humans at Canterlot High is like comparing apples to oranges, which you can do, but it’s pointless, because until Canterlot High is in Equestria, the ages of the students are irrelevant to the ages of corresponding ponies.

Friends at school.png

There is also a quote by Fluttershy, which you may or not be familiar with. She states “I’m a year older than you” when talking to Pinkie Pie. However, when people ask about my younger sister, I say that she is two years younger than I am; I do not mention the two months of the year that she is three years younger. People often go with the difference in ages either at the time, or that they have for the majority of the year. I have no reason to believe ponies would not do the same.

Assuming, based off of Faust’s quote, that the mane six age faster than they mature and have maturity levels between 12-18, and the study I posted putting their physical ages at 18-22, I’d put their specific physical ages at…

Fluttershy: 21.4

Rarity: 21.2

Rainbow: 21

Applejack: 20.5

Pinkie: 20 

Twilight: 18.8

I placed Fluttershy as the oldest because as a filly, she looked taller than the others. This made me believe that she was older. She was likely only a little bit older than Rainbow Dash, since they went to flight camp together, and would not have if they were significantly different in ages.

Fluttershy as a filly

Rarity seemed to be among the older ponies because she is really mature. She runs her own business and takes care of her sister. She is sophisticated, and it takes a while to become as sophisticated as Rarity is.

Rainbow Dash also seems more immature than some of the characters. She did show maturity in adopting Scootaloo as an honorary sister, though so I tried to keep her in the middle.

Applejack is also very mature. She takes care of her family on works on a farm, so she  The reason she is not the youngest, though, is because she was a “late bloomer” in getting her cutie mark, so I doubt that she could be the youngest. She still seemed to be a bit younger than Rarity though, so I feel that the middle is a good place for her.

I based Pinkie Pie’s age off of Fluttershy’s age. Twenty seems reasonable because it fits with Fluttershy being a year older. Pinkie Pie is also relatively immature and goofy, although she does work for the Cakes, so it is clear she is becoming more like the older and more responsible of her friends.

To me, Twilight seems the youngest. She is still learning a lot and experiencing things. Also, she referenced magic kindergarten, which she went to before she went to before coming to Ponyville, and likely before she became Celestia’s student as well. She seems to be advanced, and likely moved up in school at a young age, leading to her placement on the young end of the spectrum.

If you have your own ideas about the ages of these ponies, feel free to let me know! I love hearing other people’s views on topics like this. And of course, keep in mind that their ages are never specified in the show, so you can continue to imagine them as being however old you want them to be. 🙂


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