Book Worm

I thought it would be a fun idea to do spotlight OCs every now and then. I will be posting about an original character that someone submitted with a picture and background story. I also think I will add some personal commentary on what I like about the character. This first submission is from Vince C.

“Book Worm was born and raised in Manehatten. He grew up reading fiction books and loved stories read to him by his father. He got his cutie mark when he wrote his first original story for a contest in school even though he had lost the competition. His job is being an author of fantasy stories for teens and also works for a local bookstore.

Book Worm is mostly friendly to other ponies, but he’d rather be alone most of the time so he can read more stories. He can be a bit noisy if asked about stories he liked and read. He can be too absorbed in reading and will ignore everything else so one must tap him to snap him back.”

Book Worm.jpg

What I like about Book Worm is that he is really similar to my own OC, Ivy. They both enjoy solitude, and can often get lost in their own world while focusing on what they love. I also think it is really awesome that Book Worm enjoys reading and writing, as these are things that I personally enjoy and can relate to. Great character, Vince, and thanks for the submission!


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