Friendship Is Magic-Part 1

SPOILER ALERT! Those of you who have not seen the show, be warned. This review is going to contain spoilers about the episode. If you have not seen it yet, watch it right now and read my review in 20 minutes, or prepare to have some of the critical plot mentioned before you view it. I am assuming many of you are bronies, or fans of the show, and you are reading this review for an interesting insight on an episode you have seen countless times already (as have I), in which case, continue reading, and enjoy!

For being called Friendship is Magic, the first character we are really introduced to, Twilight Sparkle, seems to not give any thought to friendship. I get that studying is important. As a college student, I often have to skip social events for school stuff. But jeez, girl, are the Elements of Harmony so important that you can’t even treat your friends a little more courteously? Friendship is magic, alright.Twilight Running from friends

After Twilight runs past those ponies, and crashes into her assistant, Spike, she brings up the real issue of the show: The Mare in the Moon, Nightmare Moon is more than just a legend. In fact, Nightmare Moon is going to bring eternal night to all of Equestria. And of course, this is going to occur just two days later. This is highly convenient to the plot, because if we had to wait for this to occur for another 100 years, the story would be nowhere as interesting. Anyway, Spike sends a letter to the Twilight’s mentor, Princess Celestia.

Spike burping.png

Considering the fact that in order to send the letter, Spike incinerates it, I should not be shocked by the fact that Celestia’s response comes in the form of a flaming burp. However, it does make me curious as to how dragon burps smell.  Like, paper, maybe. The letter from the princess tells Twilight to stop reading so much and go to Ponyville, and make some friends while overseeing preparations for the upcoming sun celebration.

So, Twilight and Spike head to Ponyville. There is a brief scene where Twilight meets a strange pink pony, who then darts off. After that, Twilight goes to check how the food for the celebration is coming along. Doing this, she meets Orange Apple Horse. My first thought about Applejack is “Oh no. This pony just dropped a hundred horrible hillbilly sayings in like fifteen seconds, kill me.” Apple Bloom, another apple horse, begs Twilight to stay for brunch. She became the most adorable character, and was instantly my favorite. How could anyone say no to a face like hers? Brunch stay.jpg

After brunch, Twilight meets Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash seems annoying as well, but when I saw her jump up and down on that cloud, she got about 20% cuter, and I couldn’t dislike her. Also, kudos to Twilight for brilliantly tricking RD into clearing the sky, claiming the Wonderbolts would never let a pony who couldn’t do that among their ranks.

Bouncing on cloud.gif

Next, Twilight and Spike check on the decorations. In charge of decorating for the summer sun celebration is an elegant unicorn, Rarity. I love Rarity, because she is fashionable, beautiful, and classy. Spike, instantly develops a crush on Rarity, and thinks he is incredible, even though Twilight gets a bit annoyed with Rarity for giving her a make-over.

Escaping before Rarity decides to dye Twilight’s mane a new color, Twilight and Spike head off to make sure the last thing is all taken care of for the celebration: music. In charge of the chorus of singing birds is the shyest, most adorable pony yet, Fluttershy. Of course, this pony is too shy to interact with Twilight right away, but she loves the baby dragon, and needs to know his life story, which he tells as the three of them go to Twilight’s Ponyville home, a library. Unfortunately, for the sake of time, not much of Spike’s backstory is revealed except that he “started out as a cute little purple-and-green egg.” I hope that in a future episode, we can learn the details of Spike’s life. But I think the main point that we need to get from this portion of the episode is that Fluttershy is the greatest, cutest thing ever.

Fluttershy shy.png

Back at the library, we meet the strange pink pony again. Pinkie Pie threw a huge welcoming party for Twilight. It looks like Twilight’s friends from earlier also made an appearance at the party, which seemed weird at first, but I suppose they were in town for the sun celebration, so their presence really isn’t too out of place. Pinkie Pie is crazy. Let’s just put that out there. She eats a hot sauce cupcake, for crying out loud! Eww!

Lighten up.png

Spike telling Twilight to lighten up and enjoy the party. I had to include this because I love the pun. LIGHTEN up. Get it? It’s funny.

Anyway, Twilight goes to her room, but eventually leaves, because everypony needs to watch Celestia raise the sun, as the celebration tradition calls for. Unfortunately, Celestia is not there to raise the sun. Pinkie thinks it’s a game, which is annoying, because it is a crisis. An emergency situation. That pony is too crazy and needs to chill. A spooky, blue and black pony asks if anyone knows who she is. Again, Pinkie can’t take things seriously. It was annoying until she guessed “Black Snooty”. Something about that is extremely hilarious. It was not Black Snooty (sadly). Twilight was right; the legend was real. Nightmare Moon crashes the celebration and announces eternal darkness. Spooky. The episodes end with that, and we are left to wait for the second part of the story to find out if Twilight Sparkle can defeat Black Snooty or not.Black Snooty.jpg


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