I have had several requests to do an introduction on my original character, Ivy. Ivy

That’s the original version I made of Ivy, which I made using a pony creator. Below are additional images of Ivy, as well as a close up of her cutie mark, done by typicalnic on DeviantArt, although the account was deleted. The hand-drawn image was done by Mihoko Marissa, and the crudely drawn one was done by me. Hey, at least I had fun making it.

Anyway, Ivy lives in Ponyville. Using human years to compare to time in Ponyville, Ivy is eighteen. She’s an earth pony, and like many other earth ponies, she has an affinity for plants. She has a “green hoof”, so to speak. Rather than growing crops in fields for everypony to eat, Ivy grows flowers, trees, and bushes. Some of her bushes and trees provide food, but feeding Equestria is not her priority. Instead, she helps by creating beauty and filling the air with oxygen.

In terms of family, Ivy is an only child. Her parents, Marvin and Olivina live with Ivy in Ponyville. An earth pony like his daughter, Marvin gardens. Olivina, also an earth pony is a geologist. Her family is related to royalty, but nowhere near directly. It’s simply that her dad’s great-grandfather’s brother was Prince Blueblood’s great uncle, twice removed (or something like that. The records got a little mixed up.) Anyhow, as such, Ivy often gets to go to Canterlot to make sure all of the plants there are taken care of. In fact, she tends to the roses that Blueblood loves so much, and although the two have never met in person, Ivy would probably not like her distant relative very much.

The reason she would not like Prince Blueblood is because she prefers to be alone most of the time, surrounding herself by nature rather than other ponies. She does have two good friends in Ponyville, though. Ivy’s friends are Starry Night, a unicorn astronomare, and French Toast, an earth pony and food critic. The three often go on nighttime picnics, combining each of their favorite things. Of course, they do other things together too. Ivy loves to shop, and her friends often accompany her on fashion-seeking adventures.

Ponies who know Ivy would say that she is dedicated to her work, but spacey. She often daydreams and nopony is sure what’s going on in her head when she stares at the clouds while watering her flowers. She sometimes talks to herself or her plants and doesn’t notice what is going on around her. She often gets so lost in her thoughts that she is chronically late. Although constant reminders to be on time are never effective, she does manage to deal with scoldings for being late in a good way. Her charisma and charm allow her to joke it off, and usually avoid getting into too much trouble. 🙂


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